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WI superintendent arrested on domestic abuse charges is later released

Although there are two sides to every story, domestic violence cases are perceived a little differently by law enforcement in Wisconsin. According to Wisconsin law, a person who is suspected of committing a violent act against a family member or domestic partner must be arrested on the scene. In many cases, it can be hard to determine exactly what happened during a domestic violence dispute, as many stories end up conflicting one another.

New Wisconsin laws require officers to report all domestic violence calls

The term domestic violence can encompass a wide-variety of crimes surrounding the abuse or assault of an intimate partner or family member. This includes emotional, physical, verbal, sexual and economic abuse. Some states, however, have broadened the definition of domestic violence to include acts of threatening to stalk or stalking as punishable by law. Wisconsin residents should be aware of the new changes to the domestic violence laws to ensure they are not found guilty of criminal behavior.

Supreme Court rules on definition of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a term used to describe abuse or battery of another family member. The exact legal definition of the term has been questioned in numerous court battles across the U.S., leading judges to examine the meaning of the word. Different interpretations of the term ‘domestic violence’ have led to various outcomes in court.

Wisconsin woman knocked unconscious: Man faces violence charges

Those charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin may be looking at some harsh consequences. A domestic violence conviction may come with a restraining order, fees and potential jail-time. There are long-term effects from having a domestic charge on a criminal record. Not only is it hard to find employment in certain industries, but domestic violence offenders may be prohibited from carrying concealed weapons or obtaining professional licenses.

WI Domestic offender restricted from concealing weapon

Those who are charged with domestic violence may face the repercussions of their crime for many years following the conviction, not only in Wisconsin but nationwide. Although the offender may have received counseling or some other form of rehabilitation, certain rights may be restricted by state and federal officials. Often times, domestic violence offenders do not think of the effects that their actions will have on others or how they will impact their own life.

Wife alleges man acted irrationally, threatened her with gun

Many in Waukesha choose to exercise their rights to own a gun. Yet gun ownership also carries with it responsibility. Any alleged misuse of a firearm can result in serious consequences, which could easily include one losing the right to own another gun. In situations where tensions run high, such as during a domestic dispute, one may be tempted to pull out his or her gun. Yet even if the intent is only to threaten, the result of such a decision is almost guaranteed to be bad.

Marinette domestic violence advocate's killer gets life sentence

Many in Waukesha who are currently in relationships may feel as though they are immune to the issues that lead to domestic violence. When this sort of abuse happens, common reactions from others are shock and dismay due to the fact that both the abused and the abuser would be among the last people that they would ever think that this could happen to. Yet as is often the case in a relationship, the line between love and hate is razor thin, and a simple push in the wrong direction can have tragic consequences.

Appellate court upholds Wausau man's murder conviction

One may think cases of domestic violence in Waukehsa are typically cut-and-dry. The prevailing thought often is that one can see the evidence of abuse across the face of the victim. In reality, domestic violence cases can be difficult to deal with because of the unique relationship between the alleged abuser and the abused. Emotions usually run deep both ways in such relationships, with love turning to hate almost at the drop of a hat. Many times, but parties may actually feel as though they are the victims of abuse. As such, it often takes an expert in such relationships and behavior to accurately determine if abuse occurred.

Man arrested for domestic abuse despite mom not pressing charges

Oftentimes, incidents of family or domestic violence and abuse will go untried or even unreported in Waukesha because the victims of such abuse still feel such a strong bond with their abusers that they refuse to press charges against them. The prevailing thought is often that such matters are best left to be worked out between the parties involved as opposed to initiating legal action that could permanently damage the relationship. However, in some cases, authorities may believe that they have sufficient evidence to arrest one on such charges even without the supposed victim filing for them.

Milwaukee man arrested for after burning woman with bleach

When hearing the details of many of the domestic violence incidents that happen in Waukesha, one has to think that whoever spoke the words "There's a thin line between love and hate" seems downright prophetic. It's often shocking how quickly a simple disagreement between a couple can escalate into a full-blown assault. Yet with all of the emotion that a couple invests in a relationship, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising to see that emotion go from positive to negative so quickly.

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