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Domestic Violence Archives

State responds to Milwaukee Police Department misrepresentations

As a response to a high-profile investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, local and state officials have called for independent audits of crime numbers released by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Economic recession may be causing a rise in domestic violence

Last December, we wrote about a Wisconsin woman who allegedly attacked her husband and daughter in a hotel room because she was upset about the Packer's first loss of the season. While this was a somewhat unique case, it shows that incidents of domestic violence can be triggered by many factors.

Appearing nerdy can help criminal defendants - just don't overdo it

About a year ago, we posted about an interesting courtroom tactic that some criminal defendants are engaging in. To make themselves appear smarter and less threatening to a jury, some defendants are wearing non-prescription glasses during the trial, even if they don't wear lenses or contacts otherwise.

Accused of domestic violence? 'No contact' means no contact

Sometimes, if you have been singled out by the criminal justice system, even well-meaning gestures can be considered cause for concern. When people in Wisconsin are arrested on charges of domestic violence, they are often required to follow the conditions set forth in a no-contact order. Actions which are considered violations of these orders may surprise you.

Wife suspects imminent domestic violence, calls Waukesha police

When police receive a call about domestic violence, they respond immediately and often will make an arrest. These types of charges can have serious consequences whether or not physical violence ever occurred.

Wisconsin woman faces criminal charges following Packers loss

In March, we wrote about the results of a study suggesting that there may be a correlation between incidents of domestic violence and NFL football losses. Specifically, researchers said that a home-team loss could result in a 10 percent jump in domestic violence 911 calls within 1-2 hours after the end of the game.

Studies show high risk of domestic violence for vets with PTSD

In September, we wrote about a 32-year-old war veteran from Wisconsin who pleaded no contest to three counts of DUI homicide and one count of OWI causing injury. After the accident, a breathalyzer showed that he had a BAC of 0.158 percent, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

Father charged with child abuse claims his actions were a prank

In Wisconsin, charges of domestic violence can carry serious penalties, even if the alleged victim later decides to drop the charges. If an arrest has been made, the defendant may still be prosecuted by authorities.

Does Wisconsin Domestic Violence Increase When The Packers Lose?

Football season is over and for Wisconsin residents the season could not have ended better. The Packers took the Super Bowl title and our whole state had a reason to celebrate. We warned readers about the dangers of drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, but were fans also at a higher risk for other criminal charges?

Phone Calls From Jail Become Evidence In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence can be a difficult crime to sort out. The victims of domestic violence are intimately connected to their alleged offenders, and sometimes the normal necessities of marriage or relationships can complicate a domestic violence criminal case.

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