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Marshfield man freed after pleading no contest to felony murder

Many people currently in relationships in Waukesha may feel as though domestic violence is something that they'll never have to personally deal with. While that hopefully remains true, those same people may be surprised at how quickly tempers can flare up during an argument and how easily self-control can be lost and violence and criminal charges can come as a result. Sadly, sometimes it only takes one blow to yield tragic results.

Man arrested for threatening members of his family while drunk

Most in Waukesha would associate domestic violence with couples. Yet domestic violence charges may be filed whenever anyone is accused of assaulting someone that they live with. And just as it often is with abuse occurring between couples, abuse that’s happening between families often goes unreported as people don’t want to see their family members humiliated and punished. Unfortunately, abuse that’s allowed to continue without serious consequence can often escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.

Wisconsin domestic violence suspects will lose guns with new law

Those accused of domestic violence in Waukesha are often already asked to walk a fine line with the court while their case is being processed. They are usually served with a restraining order by the victim and may be required by the court to undergo treatment for anger and aggression. Yet beyond that, they still are allowed to go about their lives with a majority of their rights unaffected.

Cottage Grove man with domestic violence record denied gun permit

Many in Wisconsin are often unaware of all of the unintended consequences that than arrest for domestic violence may have. Aside from the immediate legal and potential criminal penalties, there is also the stigma that's often associated with having been accused of violence against one's spouse. One may work years to try and erase the residual effects of such a charge only to find that long after having the paid the price for a domestic violence accusation, it may still prohibit them from enjoying future privileges.

Wisconsin county give grant to hire special prosecutors

In Wisconsin, it's an unfortunate fact that domestic violence situations occur on a fairly regular basis. County prosecutors and law enforcement officials are often overloaded with domestic violence calls and cases, and these situations often have a unique dynamic between all parties involved. In a perfect world, people who love each other would never become violent, but the reality is that sometimes emotions run high and tempers get out of control. These crimes are most often committed against women, but men may easily be victims of domestic violence also.

Wisconsin wife gunned down by husband who faces life in prison

With members of the United States military involved in several conflicts overseas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a hot topic of conversation in many criminal trials in Wisconsin and throughout the country. PTSD may cause a person to do things they wouldn’t normally do, and may incapacitate the person mentally and emotionally. Although it may be difficult at times to measure the effects of war on a person’s mental health, it may be necessary to consider the seriousness of PTSD when a seemingly harmless person commits a crime of domestic violence.

Wisconsin man claims mental illness contributed to his crimes

When two people enter into a commitment of marriage and bring children into the world, it may be difficult to see how the situation might ever become angry or violent. Few married couples start their marriage with plans to divorce or hurt each other, but the reality is often different than the fantasy, and close to 50% of couples end up filing for divorce. Domestic violence continues to be a common problem in Wisconsin and throughout the world, and some spouses are coming up with more creative and particularly vicious ways to hurt the one they feel has wronged them.

Proposed domestic violence bill may pose unique conflicts

In an ideal world, people who love each other would never become angry enough to become violent with each other. In reality, domestic violence is a problem throughout the country, and advocates in Wisconsin are constantly looking for ways to better protect those who are caught in these violent situations. In voting for new legislation regarding family violence, lawmakers may walk a fine line between the protection and the violation of the rights of both parties. Each new piece of legislation may need to be approached from both sides of the issue in order to protect the rights of all involved.

Better reporting at heart of Wisconsin domestic abuse bill

Domestic violence is a serious problem that has far-reaching effects on society. Violence against spouses and children may create fear and mistrust in the hearts of people who grow up to repeat the cycle of abuse. Domestic violence advocates in Wisconsin fear that the problem is growing, and that many feel they can't report violent incidents because of fear of future retribution. A new bill being considered by state lawmakers may help to change that.

Husband and wife injured after violent incident in home

Incidents of domestic violence in Wisconsin are often situations in which emotion levels are high, and physical danger may be prevalent when an argument begins. Spousal abuse occurs when an argument between a husband and wife leads to injuries caused by one to the other. If law enforcement officials are called in these situations, they may first be concerned with securing the safety of all involved, and will complete an investigation later to get the entire story of what happened, in order to determine who should be charged with a crime.

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