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Cottage Grove man with domestic violence record denied gun permit

Many in Wisconsin are often unaware of all of the unintended consequences that than arrest for domestic violence may have. Aside from the immediate legal and potential criminal penalties, there is also the stigma that's often associated with having been accused of violence against one's spouse. One may work years to try and erase the residual effects of such a charge only to find that long after having the paid the price for a domestic violence accusation, it may still prohibit them from enjoying future privileges.

Two Taylor County teens arrested after confrontation with police

The teenage years can be a tumultuous time as kids are first discovering how grave the consequences of their actions may be. While they are maturing and beginning to view themselves as adults, teens often still don't have the sense of accountability that the experience of adulthood teaches. Teens also can be more subject to the influence of peer pressure, which could possibly motivate them to act against their better judgment in an effort to please their peers.

Children in vehicle when Briggsville man is arrested for OWI

Perhaps the greatest threat from an OWI may be the risk that one poses to others. That threat is certainly magnified when the impaired driver is carrying passengers in his or her vehicle. Sadly, those passengers are often children. If one is arrested for suspicion of OWI in Waukesha while having children in the car, there’s a strong possibility that he or she may also face charges beyond OWI, such as child endangerment. The cumulative penalties of these charges could result in an extended prison sentence if one is convicted.

Wisconsin lawmakers pushing for tougher OWI penalties

Each state has different laws mandating the severity or strictness of the punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol. What starts out as a fun night with friends in Wisconsin may turn into a serious felony charge, fine or even jail time. Alcohol may impair the ability of a person to make wise decisions, and a person may be charged for drunk driving if their blood alcohol content is higher than the legal limit. As more people are injured or killed in incidents where drivers are impaired in some way from drugs or alcohol, stricter penalties may be enforced by law enforcement officials.

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