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Wisconsin teens' crime spree ends with arrests in New Mexico

Many often claim that a little bit of rebellion is to be expected from Waukesha teens. They're at a time in their lives when they feel as though they are becoming adults, and many feel as though societal practices are aimed at treating them as though they are still kids. While a teen can be forgiven for going a little wild once in a while, it's when that juvenile delinquency turns criminal that family and friends needs to be concerned. Once that happens, these kids not only face losing out on many of the teenage experiences still awaiting them, but they also jeopardize their chances at enjoying those adult freedoms that they so long for.

Madison woman allegedly keeps drinking during her OWI arrest

There's an old saying that goes "One can never get enough of a good thing." Such a statement implies that one certainly can get enough of a bad thing, yet sadly, some people in Waukesha don't often seem to fully grasp this concept. When it comes to an OWI arrest, one may garner understanding, perhaps even empathy for allegedly making such a mistake once. Yet if he or she is charged with a repeat OWI offense, that empathy can soon disappear. Couple that with displaying irresponsible or even defiant behavior to authorities, and one's actions may warrant some serious criminal penalties.

Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Dealing with the consequences of an OWI arrest in Waukesha can difficult enough on one's own; when one's job and/or community standing is such that an impropriety like this is newsworthy, that extra exposure placed on one's predicament can be especially difficult to cope with. Yet one typically can't control the spread of news, and in such a situation, one's concerns should instead center on the potential criminal penalties that he or she could be facing.

Teen suspect shot during Racine grocery store robbery

While the teens in Waukesha are, for the most part, good, intelligent kids, that doesn't mean that they aren't still easily impressionable or immune to peer pressure. This is often especially true in their associations with older college-age or adult friends. Teens will sometimes put misplaced trust in those older friends' judgment, thinking that adult experience makes their suggestions and advice more sound. Sadly, too many teens allow this thinking to lead them to follow their older friends in making some really poor choices, often resulting in criminal consequences.

High school student arrested for bringing replica gun to school

No one in Waukesha is immune to poor choices, least of all teenagers. Often it's a lack of perspective about the long-term ramifications of a decision that influences a youngster to do something that, with the benefit of hindsight, he or she later comes to regret. Unfortunately, one can't often choose the consequences that come with his or her choices. While he or she may believe that whatever they chose to do was no big deal, authorities often disagree, and are sometimes bound by law to mete out punishments that many may view as harsh or severe.

1000th repeat offender arrested under Wisconsin's new DUI laws

A one-time offense for driving while intoxicated isn't something that people in Waukesha necessarily can't overcome. With the proper help from different support networks and a favorable outcome from the court regarding their case, they may yet be able to put such an incident behind them. Yet when people enter the realm of repeat offenders, the chances of receiving any leniency from authorities are vastly diminished. Many states, including Wisconsin, have actually enacted mandatory statutes that require harsher penalties for those whose poor choices have landed them in the DUI repeat offender category.

Police arrest Appleton school bus driver for suspicion of OWI

While everyone in Waukesha is entitled to a nice relaxing drink every now and then, it goes without saying that one shouldn't drink while at work. Unless one's employer has invited him or her to do so, drinking while working may be viewed as being irresponsible or careless. It certainly can be viewed as so if one is drinking while at work and his or her job involves driving. Now, he or she has not only caused an embarrassment for his or her employer, but he or she is now also subject to potential criminal penalties.

Judge sentences Plainfield man to five years for 10th OWI arrest

One OWI charge and conviction in Waukesha is serious enough; once one starts entering the realm of multiple drunk driving arrests, he or she starts looking at much harsher penalties. The hope is that the penalties associated with a conviction are enough to deter anyone from even thinking of making such a mistake again. However, if it appears as though one's actions are showing that they either don't understand the gravity of he or she is doing, or, worse yet, he or she is simply indifferent to those penalties, then the court may be left with little choice but to hand out sentences aimed at being more punitive than rehabilitative.

Wisconsin troopers arrest La Crosse man for fifth OWI offense

While an arrest and conviction for OWI is certainly something that people should avoid, one offense isn’t something that one can’t typically learn from and move past without too much difficulty. It’s when one enters the realm of multiple OWI arrests that the penalties become stiffer and more difficult to deal with. Whereas a first OWI in Waukesha may result in a simple misdemeanor, multiple convictions can result in felony charges, difficulty in obtaining auto insurance coverage, revocation of one’s license, and/or an extended prison term.

Underage drinkers face stiffer penalties under new Wisconsin bill

While many teens in Waukesha may feel that drinking under the legal age is no big deal, the truth is that there are serious legal consequences to underage drinking. The underlying reason for such penalties for these juvenile crimes is often to deter teens from becoming impaired and then making poor decisions, such as driving or engaging in acts of violence. With the strong influences teens face from peer pressure, they may be more prone to engage in reckless behavior while under the influence. While the fear of being ostracized by their peers might also make teens believe they need to drink, it should be remembered that they invite potential trouble with the law if they do.

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