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New law alters statutes of limitation for certain Wisconsin crimes

The criminal justice system is a complex and nuanced web of organizations, efforts and principles. One element of the criminal justice system that can be confusing is the concept referred to as statutes of limitation.

Supreme Court broadens the rights of criminal defendants

We often write about the ways in which the legal system constrains the rights of criminal defendants. However, those who are forced to mount a criminal defense received more protections rather than fewer in a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Study shows physical exertion can make police officers forgetful

We have previously written about the problems with eyewitness testimony when it comes to accurately prosecuting anything from drug charges to sex crimes to simple shoplifting. The problem is that human memory and observational abilities are extremely fallible, yet eyewitness testimony often proves very convincing in court.

Missing license plate leads to traffic stop and drug conviction

If you are a Wisconsin resident with a car registered here, you will be issued a license plate for the front and back of your vehicle and the law requires that you display both of them. Not every state has this same requirement.

Wisconsin Attorney General wants to abolish preliminary hearings

This last Sunday, we discussed a bill being considered in the Wisconsin legislature which would allow hearsay to be admitted during preliminary criminal hearings. Passage of this bill would result in the elimination of an important criminal defense protection.

Accused of domestic violence? 'No contact' means no contact

Sometimes, if you have been singled out by the criminal justice system, even well-meaning gestures can be considered cause for concern. When people in Wisconsin are arrested on charges of domestic violence, they are often required to follow the conditions set forth in a no-contact order. Actions which are considered violations of these orders may surprise you.

Wisconsin bill aims to strip the accused of rights

In an election year, bold legislation is often authored, in attempts to attract media coverage and voter attention. In a move which concerns civil rights advocates, an aggressive Republican bill has been introduced in the Wisconsin legislature which would erode certain criminal defense protections.

Wisconsin man awaiting sentence for child pornography conviction

No matter what type of criminal charge a person is facing, a conviction can have long-lasting consequences. There are the more obvious penalties that can result, such as a prison sentence or probation. But some of the less obvious consequences impact a person's personal life.

False sex crime allegations result in charges for Wisconsin woman

Our justice system is founded on the idea that as citizens, we must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is a serious matter to accuse someone of behaving criminally. While accusations deserve to be treated with respect by the justice system, it is important to remember that not all accusations are rooted in the truth.

Wisconsin cold weather is creating opportunities for car theft

Now that the holiday season is over, Waukesha residents are paying more attention to the fact that it's cold outside and probably will be for the next several months. As such, many Wisconsinites are letting their cars run unattended in the morning in order to let them warm up before their morning commute.

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