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Plea bargain process can lead to false admission of guilt: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a serious problem within the criminal justice system: potentially unjust holes in the plea bargain process. Most Wisconsin residents would never dream of pleading guilty to a crime they didn't commit, unless they felt they had little choice.

Plea bargain process can lead to false admission of guilt: Part I

If you were facing criminal charges for a crime you did not commit, would you ever choose to plead guilty? Of course you wouldn't. Most people find that question to be ridiculous, until or unless they find themselves wrongfully accused of a crime.

Supreme Court case to impact double jeopardy protections: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a recent U.S. Supreme Court case and its implications for future accused persons. Specifically, the holding in the case affects the protection from double jeopardy for those who are forced to mount a criminal defense.

Supreme Court case to impact double jeopardy protections: Part I

A recent United States Supreme Court case may impact the practical ability of the wider legal system to protect criminally accused individuals from double jeopardy.

New registry highlights thousands of wrongful criminal convictions

We have previously written about the importance of hard and fast scientific evidence in the prosecution or defense of serious crimes. In recent years, Wisconsin has been working hard to update its criminal DNA database, and this is actually a good thing for the majority of individuals on either side of the law.

State responds to Milwaukee Police Department misrepresentations

As a response to a high-profile investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, local and state officials have called for independent audits of crime numbers released by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Losing the beard in court may help some men appear more innocent

A successful criminal defense strategy often includes a number of important factors. In addition to carefully examining the facts of the case, it is often helpful to determine which aspects of the defendant's physical appearance are most likely to influence a jury, either positively or negatively.

Wisconsin woman fired for decades-old minor criminal convictions

We have previously written that a criminal record can follow a person for years and negatively affect their reputation and job prospects. This is sometimes true even when the offense was minor and the conviction happened in one's teenage years.

Economic recession may be causing a rise in domestic violence

Last December, we wrote about a Wisconsin woman who allegedly attacked her husband and daughter in a hotel room because she was upset about the Packer's first loss of the season. While this was a somewhat unique case, it shows that incidents of domestic violence can be triggered by many factors.

Appearing nerdy can help criminal defendants - just don't overdo it

About a year ago, we posted about an interesting courtroom tactic that some criminal defendants are engaging in. To make themselves appear smarter and less threatening to a jury, some defendants are wearing non-prescription glasses during the trial, even if they don't wear lenses or contacts otherwise.

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