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Facebook post finds witness who can clear wrongfully convicted men

Since its creation, Facebook has been the source of much controversy within the criminal justice system. Historically, Facebook has been a valuable tool for law enforcement to investigate and catch alleged criminals in Wisconsin and around the country.

Wisconsin courts dismiss OWI charge related to huffed chemicals

We have previously written that Wisconsin drivers do not need to be drinking in order to be charged with OWI. Operating while intoxicated refers both to alcohol and a variety of other drugs which have been deemed "intoxicants" by state legislators.

Program aims to help offenders find a job after jail

In Wisconsin and many other states around the country, local governments are beginning to reexamine and revise their criminal sentencing and prison procedures. Faced with budget shortfalls and high rates of recidivism, states and counties are establishing alternative methods of punishment for people who are convicted of DUI, drug crimes and other low-level, nonviolent offenses. Often, these sentences are geared more toward rehabilitation, focusing on the behavior that led to the criminal offense instead of merely punishing for the offense that was its product.

Wisconsin authorities claim woman was driving drunk with children in her car

Troopers with the Wisconsin State Patrol recently arrested a woman from Greendale for alleged drunk driving. Authorities claim she was speeding along Interstate 94 around 1 a.m. in Waukesha County. They further claim that she almost hit another vehicle before she was pulled over.

Courts begin to re-examine the use of eyewitness testimony

We have previously written that some tools of the criminal justice system - ones which have long defined standards of evidence - are now being challenged, and sometimes discredited. Chief among these is the use and reliability of eyewitness testimony.

A burrito was the chosen weapon in alleged domestic violence case

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and one that understandably results in significant criminal consequences. But because domestic violence occurs between family members or two people in a relationship, it is not always easy for outsiders to correctly distinguish between what is legally considered to be domestic violence and what amounts to a lovers' quarrel.

Wisconsin could be impacted by Arizona immigration decision

Media coverage of the Supreme Court's healthcare decision somewhat overshadowed analysis of the Court's decision on Arizona's immigration law. However, state legislatures are wasting no time in reacting to the ruling. In fact, the Supreme Court's immigration decision could soon impact immigrants in Wisconsin who face various criminal charges.

Are prosecutors trying to keep innocent man on death row? Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a man convicted of triple homicide who has been fighting for more than a decade just to have the evidence in his case retested. While this incident did not occur in Wisconsin, it speaks to the importance of Wisconsin's efforts to update and expand its criminal DNA database.

Are prosecutors trying to keep innocent man on death row? Part I

Some of our recent posts have been focused on the importance of hard evidence when attempting to convict someone on criminal charges. Over the last few years, improvements in Wisconsin's criminal DNA database and the heroic efforts of groups like the Innocence Project have contributed to the exoneration of many individuals who were wrongly convicted of serious crimes like rape and murder.

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