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Eight arrested for trafficking heroin that killed woman

Some people tend to fall into a drug habit. It may start out as a recreational activity, but soon many become addicted and to support their habit may get into drug trafficking. This may have been the case of eight Wisconsin people who have been arrested for trafficking heroin, which led to a woman's death this past spring.

Illegal school fantasy league involved sexual acts point system

Sometimes it takes the disclosure of a story occurring in another state for parents and law enforcement close to home to see if anything similar could be occurring in Wisconsin. For example, it was recently discovered that students at a high school located near San Francisco participated in a fantasy league involving varsity male athletes that awarded points for engaging in certain sexual acts with female students.

Wisconsin woman arrested for driving under the influence of meds

Americans are taught at an early age that drinking alcohol and then choosing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle is both dangerous and illegal. But what many Americans are not taught is that you can sometimes face criminal charges for driving under the influence if you drive with certain, legal medications in your system.

Crime lab scandal raises fundamental questions about the system

The Massachusetts state crime lab came under scrutiny recently after it was discovered that one of its scientists may have tainted evidence used in thousands of criminal cases. The scandal has shaken public confidence in criminal justice systems across the country.

Expanded DNA collection of Wisconsin arrestees proposed

Currently in Wisconsin, certain individuals are required to submit DNA samples to law enforcement for cataloging. However, under a proposal submitted by the state's Department of Justice, DNA samples would not only be required from individuals convicted of felony charges, but also from those convicted of many kinds of misdemeanors.

Athletes in trouble: the continuing debate about pro sports and DUI

Now that football season is finally here, a lot of Waukesha residents never miss an opportunity to watch the Packers play. Wisconsin residents arguably have more loyalty and devotion to the Packers than other states have for their respective home teams.

Social host laws growing in popularity: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about social host laws. These laws, which have been enacted in various forms in approximately 28 states, were passed largely as an effort to reduce the prevalence of DUI accidents involving underage drinkers.

Social host laws growing in popularity: Part I

Teens all over America have transitioned from parties hosted on warm summer nights to parties held after football games and after challenging exams have left them ready for a little relaxation. The idea that teenagers should avoid party-going behavior which might lead to DUI charges is truly a no-brainer. However, the idea that parents might be held liable if teenagers get drunk at their residence and subsequently drive under the influence is foreign to many.

The line between home videos and child porn can be blurry: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a criminal case from Minnesota involving a university football coach who was recently arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. However, the details surrounding the charges have raised questions about whether or not a sex crime was actually committed.

The line between home videos and child porn can be blurry: Part I

Sex crimes are so reviled by the public and carry such a social stigma that it doesn't take long for an unfounded accusation to spiral out of control, especially when the alleged victims are children. When public anger reaches a boiling point, the criminal justice system is in danger of becoming little more than a witch hunt.

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