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Sex offender program reevaluated after class action suit

Sexual offenders in Wisconsin who are thought to suffer from mental impairment or who are deemed a threat to commit another sexually violent act may be committed indefinitely to a supervised institution upon release from prison. The sexual offender is eligible for release only when they are no longer found to be a danger to society. Known as the involuntary civil commitment law for sexual offenders, this legislation is upheld in Wisconsin, as well as several other states, including Minnesota.

Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Life is a roller coaster of high-points and low-points. While some people are able to manage these fluctuations rather seamlessly, others have a more difficult time and tend to act out in criminal ways. Hard times can result in poor decision making abilities for many Wisconsin residents. Along with being persuaded to make choices that they may not have made otherwise, people might put themselves in awkward situations. This can lead to a variety of complications, including sex crimes.

Man admits to having inappropriate encounters with a young girl

The penalties surrounding sex crimes can be far more extensive than one realizes. If convicted, one could potentially receive an extended prison sentence, as well as hefty fines. Aside from that possibility, he or she may also be required to register as a sex offender. It’s that dubious distinction that can be the hardest thing for one to live with. It can destroy one’s good reputation in and around Waukesha, threatening any chances he or she may have of successfully moving on with life. While such a stigma may be unfair, it’s a reality that many are forced to deal with.

Monona man busted for both drug and child pornography possession

The issue of growing marijuana in Waukesha for medicinal purposes is a complicated one. While some may believe that has become the excuse that potential dealers fall back on when caught growing their own marijuana crops, there are many who are attempting to grow it simply for the health benefits that it supposedly provides. If and when one is caught cultivating a crop, it can often be difficult for authorities to discern what their true motives are. Yet if one happens to also be in possession of other illicit material, it should come as no surprise that his or her claims are met with skepticism.

Police raid leads to Monona man's arrest for child sexual assault

Those who are arrested for sex crimes in Waukesha such as child molestation often fail to realize how quickly the criminal charges against them can accumulate if and when their actions are uncovered by authorities. There's the charge related to the act itself, which, if deemed serious enough, could escalate to a sexual assault charge. Also in such cases, police will seize computers and other electronic media devices, if on which illicit material is discovered could led to a further charge of possession of child pornography. Then there's potential charges related to enticing the children themselves. What may have been initially viewed as a single random act of poor judgment may soon be portrayed as a multi-dimensional criminal operation.

Crandon woman charged in connection to son's sexual assault case

While most won't hesitate to report a crime in Waukesha, many find it difficult to either intervene to stop a criminal act or to act on their suspicions of one's behavior or conduct. Whether it's the fear of retaliation from the perpetrator or just a basic desire to not become involved in another's business, the failure to act by one may not only enable the criminal actions of another, but also compound the suffering of those victims being affected by such actions. When this happens, authorities may often consider the complicit party to be just as culpable as the perpetrator.

Milwaukee women arrested for prostituting a 14-year old runaway

Many in Waukesha may think that crimes such as prostitution or sex trafficking only occur in large metropolitan cities, yet many perpetrators of these crimes prey on small towns because of the relative anonymity that they allow and the inexperience of local law enforcement in dealing with such cases. Plus, the proliferation of the Internet has now allowed people to arrange illicit rendezvous online with partners from other areas. Such factors have helped to contribute to a recent rise in the number of cases surfacing involving intrastate and interstate prostitution rings that are more and more bringing the world’s oldest profession to rural America.

5-year old Racine girl repeatedly molested by teen babysitter

One of the things that’s often overlooked when sex crimes are committed in Waukesha is the terrible affect they can have on the victims. This is especially true with children, who are exposed to levels of intimate relations that their innocent minds may not yet be ready for. As such, victims of child molestation may have issues trusting people, be confused about their sexual identity, and have difficulty establishing healthy relationships later on in life. Sadly, there’s little that the perpetrators of these crimes can do to compensate for the innocence that they stole from their victims.

Police find child porn, underwear in Wisconsin Dells man's home

Some people may wonder why someone can be arrested for simply possessing child pornography, thinking that as long as one is simply viewing images, they aren’t actually committing a crime. What’s lost in that viewpoint is that by viewing the images, the viewer is perpetuating the crimes that were originally perpetrated on those children, essentially acting as a de-facto participant. Beyond that, law enforcement often recognizes the potential link between child pornography and its being an influence leading to child molestation.

Teen escaped from juvenile facility involved in fatal crash

Juveniles that are accused of crimes are protected under laws in most states because they may not be able to understand the consequences of their actions. Those who have repeated arrests for juvenile crimes may be placed in a facility to either protect them or serve their time for the crime committed. When a juvenile is involved in a crime in Wisconsin, the details are often kept private in order to protect the privacy of the person who is considered underage.

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