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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Anti-bullying laws may be leading to higher juvenile crime rates

Over the last few years, school administrators and state legislators have placed a greater emphasis on the prevention of bullying in school, including "cyber-bullying." In some states, new legislation has even designated bullying and cyber-bullying as a crime.

Teen brain development and juvenile crime

A Temple University expert named Laurence Steinberg is convincingly advocating for reform of the juvenile justice system based on recent neurological research on adolescent brain development. His core argument is that young people who commit juvenile crime should be held accountable, but not necessarily in the ways the system attempts to do so currently.

Illegal school fantasy league involved sexual acts point system

Sometimes it takes the disclosure of a story occurring in another state for parents and law enforcement close to home to see if anything similar could be occurring in Wisconsin. For example, it was recently discovered that students at a high school located near San Francisco participated in a fantasy league involving varsity male athletes that awarded points for engaging in certain sexual acts with female students.

Supreme Court case slowly impacting certain violent offenders

In June, the United States Supreme Court held that juveniles who committed murder while under the age of 18 cannot be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. However, the Court's holding did not make clear whether this mandate should be applied retroactively or whether it should apply only in future cases.

It is time to revisit juvenile incarceration issues

Accountability is an important concept for kids to learn. From the time that children are very small, they learn every day that their actions have consequences. The extent to which children may be held accountable for their actions, though, depends on the situation.

Wisconsin woman fired for decades-old minor criminal convictions

We have previously written that a criminal record can follow a person for years and negatively affect their reputation and job prospects. This is sometimes true even when the offense was minor and the conviction happened in one's teenage years.

Wisconsin bill would expand access to juvenile records

The Wisconsin legislature recently passed a flurry of legislation as their 2011-2012 floor session came to an end in March. Among the measures passed by both the Assembly and Senate was SB 173, which is directed at various issues related to juvenile crime.

Earning the right to move on from juvenile offenses

Many scholars, civil rights advocates, members of the media and countless others are concerned about the long-term impacts of the juvenile justice system and what becomes of those convicted of juvenile crimes. Once a minor has paid for his or her crime, are the lifelong ramifications which follow justifiable?

Unique diversion program proposed for Wisconsin juvenile offenders

Earlier this week we wrote that car thefts have been on the rise in Milwaukee lately, particularly vehicles left running and unattended as they warm up in the morning. Police in the area say that high school students are frequently the alleged culprits, and the car theft is often a crime of opportunity for students en route to or from school.

Wisconsin cold weather is creating opportunities for car theft

Now that the holiday season is over, Waukesha residents are paying more attention to the fact that it's cold outside and probably will be for the next several months. As such, many Wisconsinites are letting their cars run unattended in the morning in order to let them warm up before their morning commute.

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