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Drug Charges Archives

Wisconsin authorities announce dozens of arrests in drug bust

In the past year, we have written about several major drug busts by law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. These busts often come at the end of months of investigation and usually involve dozens of arrests in a short period of time.

DEA announces nationwide ban on synthetic drug 'bath salts'

In previous posts, we have written about Wisconsin's efforts to ban newer recreational drugs like synthetic marijuana. Many individual cities and communities passed their own bans because there was no statewide law to prohibit the drug's use.

Wisconsin woman arrested for drug possession during field trip

A Wisconsin woman has been charged with drug possession following an incident that occurred while chaperoning her young daughter's field trip. According to the criminal complaint, the 28-year-old woman was in possession of several plastic bags containing heroin, hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia.

Authority to issue search warrants examined by WI Supreme Court

We have previously written that search warrants play a very important role in protecting the rights of criminal suspects. Before police can search a home for evidence of drug crimes or other illegal activity, they must convince a judge that there is probable cause for such a search.

Nine Wisconsin residents charged with marijuana trafficking

In June we wrote that Wisconsin authorities arrested 24 defendants in connection with an alleged drug ring and a separate illegal gambling ring. The drug bust was one of the largest in Wisconsin's recent history.

Waukesha County judge charges two in friend's fatal drug overdose

In March, we wrote that a Wisconsin woman faced criminal charges for supplying the heroin that caused a friend's accidental overdose. Even though drug use is a personal choice, those who supply illegal drugs or illegal prescription drugs to someone who overdoses can face serious consequences.

Wisconsin police bust alleged drug and gambling ring: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that Wisconsin authorities have charged 24 defendants following a major investigation into an alleged drug ring and illegal gambling scheme. Law enforcement officials believe that 17 of the defendants were conspiring to sell more than 2,000 pounds of high-grade, imported marijuana.

Wisconsin police bust alleged drug and gambling ring: Part I

Late last month, Wisconsin authorities arrested 24 people during one of the state's largest drug busts in recent history. In addition to selling marijuana, police say the defendants were also operating an illegal gambling scheme using cell phones.

US Supreme Court ruling could expand police power in drug busts

In January, we wrote a post which gave a brief lesson on search and seizure laws. Under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, Americans are protected against illegal search and seizure by police and law enforcement.

Criminal charges can cause damage even after acquittal

In the age of the internet and national media, being accused of a crime can be just as damaging as being convicted of one. We have posted many times about the damages which result from wrongful convictions, but even wrongful accusations can seriously impair a person's reputation and job prospects.

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