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Routine search turns up illegal drugs in Wisconsin tavern

When it is discovered that a person has illegal drugs in his or her possession in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials may then conduct a more thorough search to determine if any other illegal substances are on the premises. Drug possession and distribution of drugs charges may carry serious penalties for those who are arrested and charged. The seriousness of the charges may also vary based on the total amount of drugs that were in the possession of the person charged.

Wisconsin corrections officer faces prison time for drug charges

When a person is found in possession of illegal drugs, the situation can quickly become serious, and the person may face hefty fines and even prison time if the charges are serious enough. If drug paraphernalia is obvious to law enforcement officials in Wisconsin in a simple traffic stop, they may choose to search the car of the person to find out if more drugs are inside the vehicle, and if the person had the intent to sell the drugs or use them.  Drug offenses have serious consequences, and may negatively impact the person’s future and their ability to find a job.

Man says addiction was motivation behind pharmacy thefts

Men and women who suffer from drug addictions will often stop at nothing to get the substances they need to obtain their desired high. Often, an addiction to an illegal drug such as cocaine or heroin or to certain prescription drugs can cause a person to commit criminal acts they may not have considered when they were sober. The acts committed in order to fulfill the person's drug needs are many times the reason the person ends up arrested or in jail in Wisconsin.

Woman faces reckless homicide charges after teen's death

Drug users are constantly looking for new ways to increase their high by mixing chemicals that enhance the experience. This practice is particularly common with teenagers in Jefferson County, who often mix illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin with prescription drugs that are obtained illegally with little thought to the serious consequences of their actions. There are often tragic results when these drugs are mixed, and the most extreme situations may result in the death of the drug user.

Wisconsin man faces multiple criminal charges for growing marijuana

Wisconsin's drug laws are comprehensive and thorough; sometimes causing overlapping criminal charges. For instance, someone who smokes marijuana usually does so using a pipe or a bong. If he gets caught by police, they may charge him both with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wisconsin court overturns drug conviction for probable cause issues

When it comes to the American criminal justice system, rules and procedure matter a great deal. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty, and evidence obtained improperly or illegally by law enforcement cannot be used against defendants in court.

Suspected Wisconsin burglars may be targeted with GPS

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ruled that certain individuals may be tracked via GPS without their knowledge. The court's holding was related to a case involving suspected burglary. In this case, a man who was suspected of multiple burglaries was subject to having his car impounded. Once impounded, law enforcement installed a GPS in the vehicle without his knowledge.

Milwaukee man faces drug charges after bust at local motel

A Milwaukee man faces serious drug charges after police say he was found selling heroin out of a motel room. The man was charged after an incident late last month. He could potentially face more than seven years behind bars and be forced to pay $25,000 in fines.

Reexamining Wisconsin's marijuana laws

On Election Day, two Western states decided to legalize the recreational use of marijuana under certain circumstances. Rather than locking up increasingly significant numbers of our population for relatively minor drug crimes that disproportionately affect youth and minorities, Midwestern states might want to consider doing the same. The issue of marijuana legalization is complicated and politically charged. But it is at least worth serious contemplation.

Cellphones may be small, but they hold a lot of evidence

Privacy is one of the most important rights that we have as citizens. This right works in tandem with a citizen's Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. So where does the balance lie between the right to privacy and an officer's ability to search and seize a suspect's property? The answer lies in the use of search warrants. These documents grant special access to items that belong to a suspect whether they are a small box or a large home.

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