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Milwaukee drug bust uncovers drug trafficking ring at McDonald's

When people in Milwaukee hear of coordinated police drug busts, they most likely envision this happening at some seedy run-down location in an inner city or other similar scenarios. Yet those same people would probably be surprised to find out just where drugs are being sold around them, and who's selling them. With the increased availability of illicit substances these days and the anonymity people think that certain jobs or communities provide, some who normally wouldn't be thought of as drug dealers are beginning to seek opportunities to supplement their incomes through legally questionable practices.

Wisconsin man arrested for allegedly selling drugs from dorm room

When someone is arrested for drug possession in Waukesha, the arresting officers will usually want to know who his or her supplier is. Often, the charges for the drug dealer can be harsher than those that the drug user will face. Authorities have become adept at finding drug dealers through those to whom they’re supplying drugs to.

Sturgeon Bay nurse admits to stealing meds from nursing home

When considering drug possession charges, most people often think of illegal substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamines. Yet with the increased abuse of the prescription drugs in recent years, arrests involving the possession of narcotic painkillers have also risen drastically. Many of these cases in Waukesha involve health care professionals, including physicians and nurses. These providers will often use their easy access to medications to become unlikely drug addicts or dealers.

Police uncover large marijuana crop being grown in Juneau County

People don’t often understand the potential consequences that they may face following a drug arrest. Aside from the charges for drug possession, the circumstances of the case may allow authorities to bring other charges against them, such as transporting illegal drugs, intent to distribute, and the maintenance of property for the purpose of manufacturing or selling of drugs. If one is charged with manufacturing drugs on his or her property, he or she may also be forced to forfeit that property, compounding any criminal penalties that he or she may already be facing.

Former Wisconsin parole officer gets harsh sentence for drugs

Drug abuse and addiction is prevalent everywhere in the Wisconsin and the United States, and even those who proclaim to uphold the law are sometimes violators of it. Although the illegal possession of prescription drugs may be a charge that seems to relate only to major criminals, there is the possibility that any citizen can become victim to the slavery of drug addiction. A few bad decisions may require a harsh penalty, but it is not always the case that the person should be prohibited from having a future once they are rehabilitated.

Blaming parents for juvenile crimes common in some areas

In an effort to lower juvenile crime rates and keep violent criminals off the streets in Wisconsin, lawmakers and advocates may try many different tactics to ensure that consequences lie with the person most likely to fix the behavior. Juvenile crimes such as drug possession and simple battery may be a sign that the person has a future of run-ins with the law if the right consequences are not enforced. Regardless of the intention behind the policy or law, it may be important that law enforcement officials focus their efforts to punish criminals on the right person.

Ford denies responsibility in arrest of student crossing border

Drugs are often smuggled into the United States from other countries with more relaxed drug laws where they are grown. In order to avoid suspicion, drug makers and distributers may go to extreme lengths to get the substance across the border. Narcotics trafficking is a serious offense in Wisconsin and throughout the rest of the country. If a person unknowingly transfers drugs across the border, they may have a hard time proving that they were not aware that the drugs were in their car.

ATF methods for stopping violent crime under criticism by some

Drugs are trafficked into the US and Wisconsin from several countries, and through several different routes. It may often be difficult for law enforcement officials to interrupt the manufacturing or distribution of drugs before they hit the streets and are sold to drug users. The use of drugs may also lead to more serious and more violent crimes, particularly in inner city areas. In an attempt to stop the problem before it starts, some law enforcement agencies have created unique ways to trap people who they feel are dangerous criminals.

Wisconsin residents charged in federal drug bust

The federal government has an agency in place to fight the spread of drugs throughout the country and stop drug related crime, and this agency will often get involved with local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to better coordinate efforts to shut down major drug suppliers. If a person is watched and observed to have obtained a large amount of an illegal drug, they may be charged with crimes related to the distribution of drugs. If it is believed that the person had the intent to sell drugs, they may face more serious charges.

Unlikely culprit arrested by DEA for growing marijuana

When a person is arrested and faces drug charges in Wisconsin, they may be charged differently based on whether or not they were growing the drugs, selling the drugs, or planned to distribute the drugs to drug dealers. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs may have even more serious charges, especially if another person is injured or killed during an accident. If a person is caught growing drugs, the may be charged by federal agencies, no matter what they appear to be.

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