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Young boy sentenced in Prophetstown arson

Although children in Waukesha are often curious to find out how and why things work, playing with fire may result in disaster. Many young adolescents act quickly without realizing that there are consequences to their actions. Peer pressure can also be a factor when children commit destructive acts and juvenile crimes.

Felony battery charge filed against Kenosha teen

Many teenagers are known for having impulsive reactions, which may lead them to behave in a way that has a significant impact on others. They may even perform juvenile crimes without thinking about the consequences associated with their behavior. This is especially true when they feel threatened or angry. Wisconsin teens are no different.

Wisconsin teens' crime spree ends with arrests in New Mexico

Many often claim that a little bit of rebellion is to be expected from Waukesha teens. They're at a time in their lives when they feel as though they are becoming adults, and many feel as though societal practices are aimed at treating them as though they are still kids. While a teen can be forgiven for going a little wild once in a while, it's when that juvenile delinquency turns criminal that family and friends needs to be concerned. Once that happens, these kids not only face losing out on many of the teenage experiences still awaiting them, but they also jeopardize their chances at enjoying those adult freedoms that they so long for.

Ashland teen accused of killing father, trying to kill mother

When most in Waukesha think of juvenile crimes, they may only think of instances of curfew violation or being caught with drugs or alcohol. It's often difficult to think of teens being capable of the more adult crimes of assault or murder. When teens are suspected of such things, the manner in which the criminal justice system handles their cases is often viewed with a great deal of scrutiny. Typically, the circumstances of their crimes are brought into consideration when determining whether or not the suspects should be tried as juveniles or adults.

Teen suspect shot during Racine grocery store robbery

While the teens in Waukesha are, for the most part, good, intelligent kids, that doesn't mean that they aren't still easily impressionable or immune to peer pressure. This is often especially true in their associations with older college-age or adult friends. Teens will sometimes put misplaced trust in those older friends' judgment, thinking that adult experience makes their suggestions and advice more sound. Sadly, too many teens allow this thinking to lead them to follow their older friends in making some really poor choices, often resulting in criminal consequences.

High school student arrested for bringing replica gun to school

No one in Waukesha is immune to poor choices, least of all teenagers. Often it's a lack of perspective about the long-term ramifications of a decision that influences a youngster to do something that, with the benefit of hindsight, he or she later comes to regret. Unfortunately, one can't often choose the consequences that come with his or her choices. While he or she may believe that whatever they chose to do was no big deal, authorities often disagree, and are sometimes bound by law to mete out punishments that many may view as harsh or severe.

Milwaukee high school student arrested for alleged bomb threat

Experience is often the best teacher in life, and unfortunately, it's that lack of it which can lead teens in Waukesha to lapses in judgment that can often land them in serious trouble. They often fail to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions, and as such, are more apt to engage in activity that, which they might view as being a simple prank, can actually lead to some major consequences, including possible probation or even incarceration. Authorities usually understand this, yet they still cannot ignore criminal actions, especially if they include threats to the safety of others.

Court strips Mount Pleasant teen of his right to play video games

Teens can typically be very impressionable. Often that’s due to them not having to worry about the normal consequences of being adult, which may cause them to assign more meaning to simple, mundane activities and tasks than they probably should. Such things might seem trivial to an adult, but the amount of emotion that teens invest in them often cause them to overreact or lose their composure, possibly leading them to do things that they normally wouldn’t and, ultimately, come to regret.

Underage drinkers face stiffer penalties under new Wisconsin bill

While many teens in Waukesha may feel that drinking under the legal age is no big deal, the truth is that there are serious legal consequences to underage drinking. The underlying reason for such penalties for these juvenile crimes is often to deter teens from becoming impaired and then making poor decisions, such as driving or engaging in acts of violence. With the strong influences teens face from peer pressure, they may be more prone to engage in reckless behavior while under the influence. While the fear of being ostracized by their peers might also make teens believe they need to drink, it should be remembered that they invite potential trouble with the law if they do.

Two Taylor County teens arrested after confrontation with police

The teenage years can be a tumultuous time as kids are first discovering how grave the consequences of their actions may be. While they are maturing and beginning to view themselves as adults, teens often still don't have the sense of accountability that the experience of adulthood teaches. Teens also can be more subject to the influence of peer pressure, which could possibly motivate them to act against their better judgment in an effort to please their peers.

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