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Evansville man robs pharmacy while out on bail for armed robbery

There is no question that abusive drug use has a substantial impact on many people’s lives. Countless studies have found that drug addiction is indeed a disease, and can dramatically alter normal brain functioning. In the United States, prescription drug abuse outnumbers abuse of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and meth. While some addicts obtain prescriptions from legal professionals to feed their compulsive habits, others consort to theft as a way to obtain prescription drugs.

Officers intercept suspicious drug package en route to Brookfield home

Many young adults in Waukesha County are at a critical time in their lives. Excited and overwhelmed with sudden independence, many are forced to make essential decisions about their future. Some young adults are not mentally ready to make these life-changing decisions, and may be led down the wrong path by peer pressure or the need to survive.

Teen caught distributing ADD medication during school hours

Many teenagers in Wisconsin and across the country are often placed in adult situations, forcing them to make important decisions. Most of these impressionable young adults are unaware of the impact that these decisions may have on their future. Poor decision-making skills can lead to a variety of problems, including criminal activity. Teenagers who are looking to take or distribute drugs may find prescription drugs readily available in their parent’s medicine cabinet.

WI Domestic offender restricted from concealing weapon

Those who are charged with domestic violence may face the repercussions of their crime for many years following the conviction, not only in Wisconsin but nationwide. Although the offender may have received counseling or some other form of rehabilitation, certain rights may be restricted by state and federal officials. Often times, domestic violence offenders do not think of the effects that their actions will have on others or how they will impact their own life.

Wife alleges man acted irrationally, threatened her with gun

Many in Waukesha choose to exercise their rights to own a gun. Yet gun ownership also carries with it responsibility. Any alleged misuse of a firearm can result in serious consequences, which could easily include one losing the right to own another gun. In situations where tensions run high, such as during a domestic dispute, one may be tempted to pull out his or her gun. Yet even if the intent is only to threaten, the result of such a decision is almost guaranteed to be bad.

Marinette domestic violence advocate's killer gets life sentence

Many in Waukesha who are currently in relationships may feel as though they are immune to the issues that lead to domestic violence. When this sort of abuse happens, common reactions from others are shock and dismay due to the fact that both the abused and the abuser would be among the last people that they would ever think that this could happen to. Yet as is often the case in a relationship, the line between love and hate is razor thin, and a simple push in the wrong direction can have tragic consequences.

Wisconsin corrections officer faces prison time for drug charges

When a person is found in possession of illegal drugs, the situation can quickly become serious, and the person may face hefty fines and even prison time if the charges are serious enough. If drug paraphernalia is obvious to law enforcement officials in Wisconsin in a simple traffic stop, they may choose to search the car of the person to find out if more drugs are inside the vehicle, and if the person had the intent to sell the drugs or use them.  Drug offenses have serious consequences, and may negatively impact the person’s future and their ability to find a job.

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