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Ensure your rights are protected if accused of child pornography

Possessing and distributing child pornography online or offline is a very serious offense here in Wisconsin. Not only is there the potential for hefty fines, but facing time behind bars is a distinct possibility should a conviction be secured. Depending on the exact charge, a prison sentence could range between nine months and as much as 40 years. Understandably, it is crucial to understand what is at risk and what defenses for child pornography charges may exist. This could prove to be extremely valuable.

18-year-old Mukwonago linebacker faces prison time for rape

The definition of a relationship can be interpreted differently from person to person. While some relationships are based on an emotional connection, others can be identified as purely sexual in nature. Regardless of a past connection, mixed signals and miscommunication can lead to disastrous events.

Wisconsin task force goes undercover to target sexual predators

Although the internet plays an instrumental role in connecting people from around the world, it can also be used by offenders as a dangerous tool to facilitate sex crimes from the security of their homes. The distribution and solicitation of online child pornography has grown throughout the years. Sexual predators pose as younger adults looking to befriend children in an attempt to organize a sexual meeting or to engage in sexual dialogue with the child over the internet. While it may seem safe to engage in ‘personal’ matters from home, Wisconsin law enforcement has a developed strategy to catch online sexual predators.

Exonerated sex offenders struggle to find financial compensation

New DNA technology used in Wisconsin police departments and law enforcement agencies nationwide has led to the exoneration of many innocent people who were previously charged and convicted of a sex crime. While Americans put their trust in the judicial system to keep the streets clear of dangerous criminals, innocent people are sometimes wrongfully convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit. Once they are finally freed, many are left to fend for themselves, without a proper support system.

Sex offender program reevaluated after class action suit

Sexual offenders in Wisconsin who are thought to suffer from mental impairment or who are deemed a threat to commit another sexually violent act may be committed indefinitely to a supervised institution upon release from prison. The sexual offender is eligible for release only when they are no longer found to be a danger to society. Known as the involuntary civil commitment law for sexual offenders, this legislation is upheld in Wisconsin, as well as several other states, including Minnesota.

Man charged with sex crimes thought to be a victim of abuse

According to a number of psychological studies performed on sexual offenders, many of the offenders were found to be sexually, physically and emotionally abused as young children themselves. There is a significant correlation with abused children growing up to be adults who perpetrate unlawful sexual acts on other children. In certain cases in Wisconsin and across the nation, this can start of circle of abuse that is hard to stop.

Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Life is a roller coaster of high-points and low-points. While some people are able to manage these fluctuations rather seamlessly, others have a more difficult time and tend to act out in criminal ways. Hard times can result in poor decision making abilities for many Wisconsin residents. Along with being persuaded to make choices that they may not have made otherwise, people might put themselves in awkward situations. This can lead to a variety of complications, including sex crimes.

Man admits to having inappropriate encounters with a young girl

The penalties surrounding sex crimes can be far more extensive than one realizes. If convicted, one could potentially receive an extended prison sentence, as well as hefty fines. Aside from that possibility, he or she may also be required to register as a sex offender. It’s that dubious distinction that can be the hardest thing for one to live with. It can destroy one’s good reputation in and around Waukesha, threatening any chances he or she may have of successfully moving on with life. While such a stigma may be unfair, it’s a reality that many are forced to deal with.

Monona man busted for both drug and child pornography possession

The issue of growing marijuana in Waukesha for medicinal purposes is a complicated one. While some may believe that has become the excuse that potential dealers fall back on when caught growing their own marijuana crops, there are many who are attempting to grow it simply for the health benefits that it supposedly provides. If and when one is caught cultivating a crop, it can often be difficult for authorities to discern what their true motives are. Yet if one happens to also be in possession of other illicit material, it should come as no surprise that his or her claims are met with skepticism.

Oak Creek woman facing 100 years in prison for child molestation

Many in Waukesha may be unaware of the potential severity of the penalties associated with child molestation. Authorities take such cases very seriously considering the lasting impact that the crimes may have on the children involved. While those accused of these crimes may think that they were simply horsing around and merely lost their heads in a moment of self-indulgence, the criminal justice system often doesn't share the same opinion. Ultimately, a conviction for child molestation has the potential of keeping someone locked away in prison for years, if not decades.

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