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2 in Wisconsin facing drug charges for allegedly running meth lab

For Wisconsin residents who watch the news, there isn't often a day that goes by when an individual is not accused of drug crimes. Recently, two individuals -- one male and one female -- have been arrested and accused for their alleged involvement in a methamphetamine lab. They are both now facing serious drug charges.

Officers intercept suspicious drug package en route to Brookfield home

Many young adults in Waukesha County are at a critical time in their lives. Excited and overwhelmed with sudden independence, many are forced to make essential decisions about their future. Some young adults are not mentally ready to make these life-changing decisions, and may be led down the wrong path by peer pressure or the need to survive.

Police drug raid of Superior home results in multiple arrests

Those in Waukesha choosing to use illegal substances never know when their habit will land them in hot water. Many may view drug use as a victimless crime, with the user only harming him of herself. Yet like it or not, simply possessing drug paraphernalia is often enough to warrant a criminal charge. One may think that as long as they engage in such use behind closed doors, authorities will never be the wiser. Yet he or she never knows when they'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have his or her activities exposed.

Theft investigation helps uncover Commonwealth woman's drug stash

Often, it's in the investigation of one crime in Waukesha that authorities uncover another. Whatever evidence has led them to suspect someone of criminal activity is often only a portion of what the suspect is actually engaged in. Illicit items or evidence of further illegal activity that's brought to light during the course of an investigation may lead to new criminal charges, further compounding one's potential legal troubles.

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