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Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving after serious accident

People are injured in car accidents every day. Causes of accidents vary from simple driver error to poor road conditions. In many cases, police have a difficult time determining the exact cause of an accident. However, police say that one accident in Wisconsin was caused by drunk driving.

Case involving vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated lacks evidence

When police officers detain someone on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they often administer a Breathalyzer test or field sobriety test to the suspect on site. These tests help Wisconsin officers determine whether or not the suspect is driving with a blood alcohol concentration that is over the legal limit. If the proper protocol is not followed, or if the officers do not find enough evidence to hold the driver on DUI charges, they are often forced to let them go. When the DUI crime involves the death of another driver, evidence becomes even more crucial in the case.

Former NFL player falls asleep at the wheel

What do Wisconsin readers picture when they envision a drunk driver? Bloodshot eyes? Slurred speech? Stumbling? Sure, all of these factors would describe a drunk driver. But couldn't they also describe someone tired from travel who suffers from a knee injury?

Smartphone app aids drivers in avoiding DUI

Smartphones are increasingly used for more than conversation, texting and games. Useful apps can help users with such varied tasks as monitoring caloric intake, tracking sleeping patterns and checking traffic conditions. A new app can even help drivers in Wisconsin avoid drunk driving.

Legal experts argue that field sobriety tests can be inaccurate

We have previously written that Wisconsin police must ask a driver to submit to a field sobriety test in order to determine if there is probable cause for a DUI arrest or for more extensive blood-alcohol-concentration tests.

Police using hidden alcohol sensors to sniff out drunk drivers

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are beginning to use a new tool to aid in the combat of drunk driving. Officers are starting to implement the use "DUI flashlights."

Court ruling upholds DUI conviction based on warrantless BAC test

We have previously written that police officers in Wisconsin have to follow specific rules and procedures before they can arrest someone for suspected drunk driving. Before a suspect can be given a breath, blood or urine test, the officer must perform a field sobriety test to determine if there is probable cause to make the arrest.

Wisconsin man convicted for DUI despite no proof he was driving

We often write that there are rules and procedures law enforcement must follow in prosecuting alleged drunk drivers. Police officers need probable cause to administer field sobriety tests, and those tests need to be administered correctly.

Man with cerebral palsy falsely arrested for drunk driving

Last month, we posted that drunk driving charges are not always as solid as they appear. In Wisconsin, police use a combination of field sobriety tests and breath, blood or urine tests to build a criminal case against a suspected drunk driver.

Glendale DUI Defendant Argues He Was Drunk In Car But Not Driving

A man from Glendale recently defended himself in court against charges that he was guilty of drunk driving. He unfortunately was not able to win his case, and his recent conviction will be counted as his 12th DUI.

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