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Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

When Wisconsin residents hear about drug trafficking, they probably think about huge semi-trucks driven by violent criminals. While this can indeed occur, most drug trafficking cases are on a smaller scale. Drug trafficking is one of the most common forms of drug charges that individuals face.

2 individuals facing drug charges for unrelated accusations

Regardless of the type of or amount of drug involved, drug charges are serious offenses, here in Wisconsin and across the country. If a person is convicted of a drug-related offense, there is the possibility of a very lengthy jail sentence as well as a mark on one's permanent criminal record. While the consequences for conviction can be harsh, it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance to dispute these drug charges and maintain one's freedom. This is something that two individuals recently charged with drug offenses in separate incidents are likely considering as they each prepare for upcoming court proceedings.

More trouble for Stratford man who recently completed probation

Rebuilding one's life after a felony conviction certainly isn't easy. Yet while one's public persona throughout Waukesha almost certainly took a hit after his or her arrest, that's not to say that he or she will not be afforded the chances to overcome those past mistakes and go on to be very successful in life. Many are often surprised at just how forgiving both the criminal justice system and the general public can be over time. Yet one has to be willing to take advantage of those opportunities to rehab their image. Allegedly returning to criminal activity would almost certainly derail any chances of that happening.

Prior drug conviction could get Milwaukee man deported

The fallout from a drug arrest in Waukesha can be difficult to deal with, and often continues long after one has paid any criminal penalty that he or she was subjected to. Not only is the perpetrator affected, but so are his or her family and friends. Rebuilding and repairing one's personal and family image may take years. And yet sometimes, even after investing all of the hard work required to move past such an event, the consequences of one's arrest can once again rear its ugly head.

Wisconsin corrections officer faces prison time for drug charges

When a person is found in possession of illegal drugs, the situation can quickly become serious, and the person may face hefty fines and even prison time if the charges are serious enough. If drug paraphernalia is obvious to law enforcement officials in Wisconsin in a simple traffic stop, they may choose to search the car of the person to find out if more drugs are inside the vehicle, and if the person had the intent to sell the drugs or use them.  Drug offenses have serious consequences, and may negatively impact the person’s future and their ability to find a job.

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