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Wisconsin teacher may need to develop hard DUI defense

Teachers are supposed to be role models to their students. For that reason, individuals with this type of profession are under much more scrutiny from the public eye when they are accused of criminal activity. One may face personal and professional struggles from that day forward, but these struggles will only worsen if the person is convicted of the alleged criminal act. This likely holds true for one female teacher here in Wisconsin, who may want to start crafting a DUI defense.

Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin involving a 43-year-old woman. Rock County deputies are said to have responded to the scene. The incident resulted in police officers making a drunk driving arrest. Reports indicate that the accused has a past history of multiple offenses involving driving while intoxicated.

First time DUI offenders in Wisconsin must appear in court

Wisconsin motorists who have been charged with a DUI for the first time may have been caught off-guard. Some drivers may not be fully aware that they are driving while intoxicated. State law constitutes anyone who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or above as legally intoxicated. Depending on body weight and tolerance, however, some drinkers may be able to reach that blood alcohol content and still feel it within their ability to drive.

Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Dealing with the consequences of an OWI arrest in Waukesha can difficult enough on one's own; when one's job and/or community standing is such that an impropriety like this is newsworthy, that extra exposure placed on one's predicament can be especially difficult to cope with. Yet one typically can't control the spread of news, and in such a situation, one's concerns should instead center on the potential criminal penalties that he or she could be facing.

Waukesha woman arrested after driving wrong way on freeway

It's not uncommon or even discouraged for people to enjoy a night out at one of Waukesha's bars or clubs, and to top that night off with a couple drinks. Yet with that privilege comes the responsibility to not then endanger others by getting behind the wheel of a car and attempting to drive home. The cost of a cab ride, or the momentary embarrassment of having to call a friend or family member to come pick one up is a small price to pay when considering the alternative.

1000th repeat offender arrested under Wisconsin's new DUI laws

A one-time offense for driving while intoxicated isn't something that people in Waukesha necessarily can't overcome. With the proper help from different support networks and a favorable outcome from the court regarding their case, they may yet be able to put such an incident behind them. Yet when people enter the realm of repeat offenders, the chances of receiving any leniency from authorities are vastly diminished. Many states, including Wisconsin, have actually enacted mandatory statutes that require harsher penalties for those whose poor choices have landed them in the DUI repeat offender category.

Homicide charges for Wisconsin man after automobile accident

Alcohol and drugs can impair the ability of the user to the point where bad decisions are made, and reflexes are slowed down because of the chemicals that are in the blood. Because of the effects that these substances can have on a person, it is illegal to operate a car in Wisconsin once the person has reached a certain level of alcohol within their bloodstream. Any person who chooses to drive after drinking too much alcohol may be charged with drunk driving. In more tragic situations, the bad choice of driving while intoxicated may lead to the death of another person.

Wisconsin man invokes new law after OWI arrest

When a person is pulled over for driving drunk in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials have certain tests and methods that are used to determine if the individual truly is driving under the influence or if there is some other problem. In most OWI cases, a blood sample will be taken from the person, and then tested to determine if the level of alcohol within the blood is enough to justify an arrest, or if the person was within the lines of the law while driving.

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