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Those accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin may seek DUI defense

A tragic accident occurred on a recent Thursday in Wisconsin. One person was killed and another has been arrested and accused of causing the accident. The crash happened near New Richmond in the hours just after midnight at approximately 2:30 a.m. The woman who stands accused, like all other residents charged with crimes, is fully entitled to a DUI defense as her case proceeds to navigate the court system.

Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin involving a 43-year-old woman. Rock County deputies are said to have responded to the scene. The incident resulted in police officers making a drunk driving arrest. Reports indicate that the accused has a past history of multiple offenses involving driving while intoxicated.

Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving after serious accident

People are injured in car accidents every day. Causes of accidents vary from simple driver error to poor road conditions. In many cases, police have a difficult time determining the exact cause of an accident. However, police say that one accident in Wisconsin was caused by drunk driving.

Case involving vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated lacks evidence

When police officers detain someone on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they often administer a Breathalyzer test or field sobriety test to the suspect on site. These tests help Wisconsin officers determine whether or not the suspect is driving with a blood alcohol concentration that is over the legal limit. If the proper protocol is not followed, or if the officers do not find enough evidence to hold the driver on DUI charges, they are often forced to let them go. When the DUI crime involves the death of another driver, evidence becomes even more crucial in the case.

DUI incident results in loss of life in Wisconsin

In most cases, Americans who work hard to better the lives of others are seen as exceptional citizens in the community. People who have a good education, raise money for charities and volunteer their time in the community meet the qualifications of the ideal image of a good Wisconsin citizen. However, one bad decision can turn the life of an exemplary individual into a criminal in a split second.

Wisconsin woman wrongfully charged with OWI after receiving injury

Having a DUI charge on a criminal record can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Not only does it make finding employment in certain industries difficult, but it can generally ruin one’s reputation as well. This is especially frustrating for Wisconsin residents who have been falsely arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.

One man dead after teenage DUI accident

Teenagers in Wisconsin and across the country are often known for making impulsive decisions. Some of these rash decisions can have major, life-changing results. Due in part to the physiological development of an adolescent brain, teens may be completely unaware that their actions can have severe consequences. In some cases, this information is only realized after a tragic incident occurs.

Madison woman allegedly keeps drinking during her OWI arrest

There's an old saying that goes "One can never get enough of a good thing." Such a statement implies that one certainly can get enough of a bad thing, yet sadly, some people in Waukesha don't often seem to fully grasp this concept. When it comes to an OWI arrest, one may garner understanding, perhaps even empathy for allegedly making such a mistake once. Yet if he or she is charged with a repeat OWI offense, that empathy can soon disappear. Couple that with displaying irresponsible or even defiant behavior to authorities, and one's actions may warrant some serious criminal penalties.

Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Dealing with the consequences of an OWI arrest in Waukesha can difficult enough on one's own; when one's job and/or community standing is such that an impropriety like this is newsworthy, that extra exposure placed on one's predicament can be especially difficult to cope with. Yet one typically can't control the spread of news, and in such a situation, one's concerns should instead center on the potential criminal penalties that he or she could be facing.

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