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Man imprisoned 2 years without trial wins $15 million in lawsuit

One of our recent posts focused on the serious problem of wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment. We asked readers if Wisconsin should pass laws to provide more appropriate compensation to victims of this most serious injustice.

Wrongful conviction and the laws regarding financial compensation

We have previously written about the importance of Wisconsin's criminal DNA database, as well as some of the legal challenges associated with it. For law enforcement, DNA evidence is often the fastest and most accurate way to solve sex crimes, murders and other violent offenses.

Crime lab scandal raises fundamental questions about the system

The Massachusetts state crime lab came under scrutiny recently after it was discovered that one of its scientists may have tainted evidence used in thousands of criminal cases. The scandal has shaken public confidence in criminal justice systems across the country.

Expanded DNA collection of Wisconsin arrestees proposed

Currently in Wisconsin, certain individuals are required to submit DNA samples to law enforcement for cataloging. However, under a proposal submitted by the state's Department of Justice, DNA samples would not only be required from individuals convicted of felony charges, but also from those convicted of many kinds of misdemeanors.

Facebook post finds witness who can clear wrongfully convicted men

Since its creation, Facebook has been the source of much controversy within the criminal justice system. Historically, Facebook has been a valuable tool for law enforcement to investigate and catch alleged criminals in Wisconsin and around the country.

Courts begin to re-examine the use of eyewitness testimony

We have previously written that some tools of the criminal justice system - ones which have long defined standards of evidence - are now being challenged, and sometimes discredited. Chief among these is the use and reliability of eyewitness testimony.

Plea bargain process can lead to false admission of guilt: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a serious problem within the criminal justice system: potentially unjust holes in the plea bargain process. Most Wisconsin residents would never dream of pleading guilty to a crime they didn't commit, unless they felt they had little choice.

Plea bargain process can lead to false admission of guilt: Part I

If you were facing criminal charges for a crime you did not commit, would you ever choose to plead guilty? Of course you wouldn't. Most people find that question to be ridiculous, until or unless they find themselves wrongfully accused of a crime.

New registry highlights thousands of wrongful criminal convictions

We have previously written about the importance of hard and fast scientific evidence in the prosecution or defense of serious crimes. In recent years, Wisconsin has been working hard to update its criminal DNA database, and this is actually a good thing for the majority of individuals on either side of the law.

New technology helps appeal a Wisconsin robbery conviction: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that a Wisconsin man was recently granted a new trial after a 1994 conviction on two counts of armed robbery. There were inconsistencies in his conviction, including grainy footage from store surveillance cameras as well as eyewitness testimony that failed to identify him in a lineup.

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