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Underage drinkers face stiffer penalties under new Wisconsin bill

While many teens in Waukesha may feel that drinking under the legal age is no big deal, the truth is that there are serious legal consequences to underage drinking. The underlying reason for such penalties for these juvenile crimes is often to deter teens from becoming impaired and then making poor decisions, such as driving or engaging in acts of violence. With the strong influences teens face from peer pressure, they may be more prone to engage in reckless behavior while under the influence. While the fear of being ostracized by their peers might also make teens believe they need to drink, it should be remembered that they invite potential trouble with the law if they do.

Wisconsin family fined for underage drinking party leading to crash

Although the weather still feels like winter, spring is almost here. For many Wisconsin students, that means high school or college graduation is just around the corner. If you plan to host a party and serve alcohol, you should know that in some cases, you could be held liable for any alcohol-fueled mayhem caused by your guests once they leave.

Social host laws growing in popularity: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about social host laws. These laws, which have been enacted in various forms in approximately 28 states, were passed largely as an effort to reduce the prevalence of DUI accidents involving underage drinkers.

Social host laws growing in popularity: Part I

Teens all over America have transitioned from parties hosted on warm summer nights to parties held after football games and after challenging exams have left them ready for a little relaxation. The idea that teenagers should avoid party-going behavior which might lead to DUI charges is truly a no-brainer. However, the idea that parents might be held liable if teenagers get drunk at their residence and subsequently drive under the influence is foreign to many.

Waukesha and other Wisconsin schools now using breathalyzer tests

Spring is a busy and exciting time for high school students in Waukesha and around Wisconsin. Between prom, graduation, and the after-parties which usually accompany these events, there are many exciting nights to look forward to.

Wisconsin police on high alert for underage drinking and driving

Earlier this week, we posted about a Wisconsin teenager who has been charged with four felonies for allegedly killing a man during a drunk-driving car accident. If convicted, the 18-year-old girl could spend up to 37 years in prison.

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