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Facebook is among the worst places to brag about a crime: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about the role that social media is playing in the criminal justice system. Since it was launched in 2004, Facebook has become a valuable source of evidence for law enforcement agencies in solving various crimes, including theft, drug possession and vandalism.

Facebook is among the worst places to brag about a crime: Part I

Last month, we wrote about a teenager who was arrested after bragging about a drunk driving crash on Facebook. His online apology for hitting someone's car while driving drunk - a behavior which he described as "classic" - didn't amount to a legally admissible confession. However, it didn't take long for the post to be brought to the attention of local police, who were able to connect the teen's car to two vehicles that had been damaged in a hit-and-run crash the previous evening.

Suspected Wisconsin burglars may be targeted with GPS

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ruled that certain individuals may be tracked via GPS without their knowledge. The court's holding was related to a case involving suspected burglary. In this case, a man who was suspected of multiple burglaries was subject to having his car impounded. Once impounded, law enforcement installed a GPS in the vehicle without his knowledge.

Wisconsin woman fired for decades-old minor criminal convictions

We have previously written that a criminal record can follow a person for years and negatively affect their reputation and job prospects. This is sometimes true even when the offense was minor and the conviction happened in one's teenage years.

Former nurse in Wisconsin faces prescription drug crime charges

Prescription drug abuse is fast becoming the focus of America's war on drugs. While painkillers and other potent medications are certainly legal (unlike marijuana and other "street drugs"), the use and possession of these prescription drugs is highly regulated.

Wisconsin cold weather is creating opportunities for car theft

Now that the holiday season is over, Waukesha residents are paying more attention to the fact that it's cold outside and probably will be for the next several months. As such, many Wisconsinites are letting their cars run unattended in the morning in order to let them warm up before their morning commute.

Large mob of young people blamed for mall violence incident

The holiday season may be coming to an end, but the shopping frenzies over the past month remind us that a crowd mentality can sometimes take over and cause good people do to uncharacteristically bad things.

Supreme Court ruling protects rights of accused minors: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling which will protect the rights of minors accused of a juvenile crime. The Court recently ruled that minors who are questioned as a suspect in a crime must be considered "in custody" and have their Miranda Rights read to them by law enforcement officials.

Supreme Court ruling protects rights of accused minors: Part I

Anyone who has watched a police drama has heard: "you have the right to remain silent." This speech is known as the "Miranda Rights." Since 1966, police have been required to read a suspect their Miranda Rights at the time of arrest. The goal is to inform a suspect that he doesn't have to incriminate himself by answering police questions.

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