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13-year-old Madison daycare volunteer accused of sexual abuse

It is hard to understand why anyone would harm a baby or child. It is especially concerning when a young teenager is responsible for committing a sex crime. Some Wisconsin residents believe it may be tied to their upbringing, as young children and teenagers are often a product of their environment. Leading research shows that children who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, have a greater tendency to display abusive behavior as well.

18-year-old Mukwonago linebacker faces prison time for rape

The definition of a relationship can be interpreted differently from person to person. While some relationships are based on an emotional connection, others can be identified as purely sexual in nature. Regardless of a past connection, mixed signals and miscommunication can lead to disastrous events.

Exonerated sex offenders struggle to find financial compensation

New DNA technology used in Wisconsin police departments and law enforcement agencies nationwide has led to the exoneration of many innocent people who were previously charged and convicted of a sex crime. While Americans put their trust in the judicial system to keep the streets clear of dangerous criminals, innocent people are sometimes wrongfully convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit. Once they are finally freed, many are left to fend for themselves, without a proper support system.

Four school officials charged in connection to gang rape cases

Many sex crimes in Waukesha such as molestation or rape often go unreported because of the actions or inactions of others who may have either been involved in talking alleged victims out of pressing charges or simply turning a blind eye to events that they knew to be happening. The motives for such reactions are various, but sadly, the result is often the same: victims can feel as though they are alone in their struggles and that pressing the issue with authorities may open them up to ridicule and harm. Yet the price that those who choose not to assist these victims must pay can high if they're exposed for what they did or didn't do in relation to these alleged crimes.

Police raid leads to Monona man's arrest for child sexual assault

Those who are arrested for sex crimes in Waukesha such as child molestation often fail to realize how quickly the criminal charges against them can accumulate if and when their actions are uncovered by authorities. There's the charge related to the act itself, which, if deemed serious enough, could escalate to a sexual assault charge. Also in such cases, police will seize computers and other electronic media devices, if on which illicit material is discovered could led to a further charge of possession of child pornography. Then there's potential charges related to enticing the children themselves. What may have been initially viewed as a single random act of poor judgment may soon be portrayed as a multi-dimensional criminal operation.

Crandon woman charged in connection to son's sexual assault case

While most won't hesitate to report a crime in Waukesha, many find it difficult to either intervene to stop a criminal act or to act on their suspicions of one's behavior or conduct. Whether it's the fear of retaliation from the perpetrator or just a basic desire to not become involved in another's business, the failure to act by one may not only enable the criminal actions of another, but also compound the suffering of those victims being affected by such actions. When this happens, authorities may often consider the complicit party to be just as culpable as the perpetrator.

5-year old Racine girl repeatedly molested by teen babysitter

One of the things that’s often overlooked when sex crimes are committed in Waukesha is the terrible affect they can have on the victims. This is especially true with children, who are exposed to levels of intimate relations that their innocent minds may not yet be ready for. As such, victims of child molestation may have issues trusting people, be confused about their sexual identity, and have difficulty establishing healthy relationships later on in life. Sadly, there’s little that the perpetrators of these crimes can do to compensate for the innocence that they stole from their victims.

Repeated sexual assaults send Wisconsin man to prison

Going camping with friends is one of the favorite pastimes of many Wisconsin residents. For teenagers and young adults, it’s a chance to relax and enjoy the freedom of being out in the open and sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, when alcohol is involved, people may do things they wouldn’t normally do, and others may take advantage of someone that isn’t sober. One Wisconsin man recently learned the hard way that he would still be held accountable for actions he committed on others who were under the influence of alcohol.

Wisconsin youth claims sexual assault by scout leader

For many young Wisconsin boys, summertime brings thoughts of campfires and pocketknives, and the opportunity to learn more about nature with the help of the Boy Scout program. As these young boys visit scout camps and participate in scouting activities, they are often directed and cared for by an adult that has been given a position of leadership within the council. Claims of sexual assault or abuse are taken very seriously by both the law and the scouting council, and leaders may be placed on temporary leave while the situation is investigated.

Wisconsin high school basketball coach faces accuser in court

When a teenager participates in an extracurricular school activity in Wisconsin, they may spend quite a bit of time with their coach or advisor. During this time, a relationship may develop that means something different to each person. When the teacher is a man and the student is female, there are times where the situation turns romantic and may even involve some type of physical affection. When charges of sexual assault are made, it’s important to focus on the evidence, and not on the emotion with which either party tells the story.

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