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Posts tagged "Sex Offender Residency Restrictions"

Sex offenders become homeless as communities tighten restrictions

Life after a criminal conviction can be challenging in many ways. Even after your sentence is served, you may find yourself barred from certain jobs or discriminated against by employers. You may also find it hard to fit into a new community if the public is aware of your previous conviction.

Wisconsin city violates own ordinance to keep sex offender out

Over the last few months, we have written several posts about the problems which arise from city ordinances restricting sex-offender residency. Many Wisconsin cities have passed ordinances to limit or restrict residency by sex offenders.

Dedicated sex offender courts now implemented in three states

As Wisconsin's sex crime laws continue to strengthen, it will no doubt begin to burden the state legal system. We have already seen evidence of this locally. We recently wrote that Waukesha's ban on residency for non-local sex offenders has forced the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to waste time and money trying to relocate released offenders.

Waukesha City Council Sends Message To Sex Offenders: Stay Away

Once someone has been convicted of a sex crime, it is likely that his life will never return to normal. Because of our strict sex offender registry requirements, a convicted sex offender will be publicly branded for the rest of his life, even after he has served his sentence.

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