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Recidivism rate among Wisconsin offenders is dropping

It has been observed that incarceration without available resources for rehabilitation tends to result in more crime when offenders leave prison walls. Without rehabilitation, life-skills training and other support, criminal offenders tend to become repeat offenders.

Intervention programs help reduce repeat OWI offenses: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about pretrial intensive supervision programs (ISPs). These programs are operating in 11 Wisconsin counties (including Waukesha) and were first introduced in Wisconsin in 1993.

Intervention programs help reduce repeat OWI offenses: Part I

Wisconsin has tough drunk driving laws. In some cases, these laws are tough enough to keep first-time OWI offenders from violating again. However, strict fines, penalties and jail time will do little to stop many repeat offenders.

New Court System Offers Humane Solution For Struggling Veterans

It is unfortunately common to see veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have a difficult time readjusting to civilian life. These brave men and women who fought so fiercely for our country now feel out of place at home. What's worse, many returning vets are in need of treatment for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcohol addiction, or other mental afflictions.

Wisconsin Leads By Example In Reducing Prison Crowding

Anyone following the national news lately has noticed a big problem plaguing many states: prisons are overcrowded. This is especially true in states like California that impose prison sentences for a wider variety of non-violent offenses such as drug crimes. Overcrowding in prisons leads to serious health and safety problems, and it costs taxpayers billions of dollars per year.

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