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Woman faces reckless homicide charges after teen's death

Drug users are constantly looking for new ways to increase their high by mixing chemicals that enhance the experience. This practice is particularly common with teenagers in Jefferson County, who often mix illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin with prescription drugs that are obtained illegally with little thought to the serious consequences of their actions. There are often tragic results when these drugs are mixed, and the most extreme situations may result in the death of the drug user.

Two Wisconsin men sentenced for supplying heroin in fatal overdose

We have previously written that drugs such as heroin have found their way into Wisconsin's suburban communities as well as major cities. Once considered too "hard" by many casual users, the supply of heroin coming from cartels in Mexico has become so pure in recent years that it can be ingested in a number of ways that do not involve needle injection.

Waukesha County judge charges two in friend's fatal drug overdose

In March, we wrote that a Wisconsin woman faced criminal charges for supplying the heroin that caused a friend's accidental overdose. Even though drug use is a personal choice, those who supply illegal drugs or illegal prescription drugs to someone who overdoses can face serious consequences.

Police Hold Woman Responsible For Friend's Fatal Heroin Overdose

It is common knowledge that illegal drug use is prosecuted severely. Those convicted of drug possession often face jail time, fines, and other penalties. While not everyone agrees that drug use should be illegal, those who choose to use drugs understand that they can be punished for the personal choices they make.

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