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Posts tagged "Prescription Drug Abuse"

Former nurse in Wisconsin faces prescription drug crime charges

Prescription drug abuse is fast becoming the focus of America's war on drugs. While painkillers and other potent medications are certainly legal (unlike marijuana and other "street drugs"), the use and possession of these prescription drugs is highly regulated.

Waukesha County judge charges two in friend's fatal drug overdose

In March, we wrote that a Wisconsin woman faced criminal charges for supplying the heroin that caused a friend's accidental overdose. Even though drug use is a personal choice, those who supply illegal drugs or illegal prescription drugs to someone who overdoses can face serious consequences.

College Campuses Are Noticing An Increase In Stimulant Abuse

A recent report from Oshkosh highlights a growing trend among college students nationwide. Students are abusing prescription stimulants to help them stay alert and energized. Authorities have noticed and are beginning to crack down, resulting in drug charges for those caught selling.

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