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Wisconsin woman wrongfully charged with OWI after receiving injury

Having a DUI charge on a criminal record can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Not only does it make finding employment in certain industries difficult, but it can generally ruin one’s reputation as well. This is especially frustrating for Wisconsin residents who have been falsely arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.

OWI charges against Wisconsin Dells police officer dropped

To be accused of and arrested for OWI in Waukesha is no laughing matter. These are serious criminal charges that carry with them equally serious penalties. Yet it should also be remembered that an arrest should not be viewed that same as a conviction, and that the accused will have every chance to explain himself or herself in court. While many may roll their eyes at the thought of one arguing his or her way out of a possible OWI conviction, the courts cannot simply dismiss the possibility that the defendant may have another explanation for his or her apparent impairment.

Judge sentences Plainfield man to five years for 10th OWI arrest

One OWI charge and conviction in Waukesha is serious enough; once one starts entering the realm of multiple drunk driving arrests, he or she starts looking at much harsher penalties. The hope is that the penalties associated with a conviction are enough to deter anyone from even thinking of making such a mistake again. However, if it appears as though one's actions are showing that they either don't understand the gravity of he or she is doing, or, worse yet, he or she is simply indifferent to those penalties, then the court may be left with little choice but to hand out sentences aimed at being more punitive than rehabilitative.

Wisconsin lawmakers pushing for tougher OWI penalties

Each state has different laws mandating the severity or strictness of the punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol. What starts out as a fun night with friends in Wisconsin may turn into a serious felony charge, fine or even jail time. Alcohol may impair the ability of a person to make wise decisions, and a person may be charged for drunk driving if their blood alcohol content is higher than the legal limit. As more people are injured or killed in incidents where drivers are impaired in some way from drugs or alcohol, stricter penalties may be enforced by law enforcement officials.

Prison sentence for Wisconsin man convicted in OWI crash

It’s a well-known fact that drugs and alcohol can affect the ability of a person to operate a vehicle. When a group of friends starts out an evening partying and having a good time, they aren’t likely to see the night ending in tragedy. Unfortunately, drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs may lead to exactly that. If the driver is lucky, they may escape with only a warning or an OWI ticket in Wisconsin, but in more serious cases the consequences are much more severe.

Alcohol a factor in Wisconsin auto-pedestrian accident

When an auto-pedestrian accident occurs in Wisconsin, it is typically the pedestrian who suffers the most severe injuries, because they do not have the protection of a vehicle. If the accident was the result of drunk driving, law enforcement officials will perform tests on the driver to gain the evidence they need to arrest and charge the driver for causing the accident. If the accident goes unreported, it may be difficult to prove the driver was under the influence while driving.

Wisconsin lawmakers expected to vote on tougher OWI law

When driving a car, it is necessary for a person to be completely focused on their driving in order to ensure the safety of those on the road. When someone is driving while under the influence of alcohol in Wisconsin, they may be pulled over and charged with drunk driving. Once the person has been arrested, they may be charged and sentenced, or they may be allowed another chance, depending on several factors in the situation. A new law that was recently proposed may make it more difficult to obtain a fourth or fifth chance.

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