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Wisconsin woman arrested for driving under the influence of meds

Americans are taught at an early age that drinking alcohol and then choosing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle is both dangerous and illegal. But what many Americans are not taught is that you can sometimes face criminal charges for driving under the influence if you drive with certain, legal medications in your system.

Wisconsin courts dismiss OWI charge related to huffed chemicals

We have previously written that Wisconsin drivers do not need to be drinking in order to be charged with OWI. Operating while intoxicated refers both to alcohol and a variety of other drugs which have been deemed "intoxicants" by state legislators.

Wisconsin teen given a lenient sentence for car accident death

Earlier this month, a Wisconsin teen was sentenced in the car accident death of her friend and classmate last September. The 18-year-old girl from Mequon will face one year in jail with release during the day to attend college.

Wisconsin man denied reduced sentence for drugged driving deaths

In January, we posted that Wisconsin residents can sometimes face DUI charges for drugged driving even if the drugs in their system are legal and prescribed by a doctor. An arrest often relies on the judgment of a police officer to determine if the drugs in the driver's system have caused impairment.

Even Legal Drugs Can Result In A DUI Charge

Because most DUI cases involve alcohol, we commonly refer to driving under the influence as "drunk driving." While all drunk drivers are under the influence, not all DUI arrests are caused by alcohol. Other mood-altering drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines can seriously impair your ability to drive. In addition to a DUI charge, users of these illegal drugs also face criminal charges for possession.

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