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Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

When Wisconsin residents hear about drug trafficking, they probably think about huge semi-trucks driven by violent criminals. While this can indeed occur, most drug trafficking cases are on a smaller scale. Drug trafficking is one of the most common forms of drug charges that individuals face.

2 individuals facing drug charges for unrelated accusations

Regardless of the type of or amount of drug involved, drug charges are serious offenses, here in Wisconsin and across the country. If a person is convicted of a drug-related offense, there is the possibility of a very lengthy jail sentence as well as a mark on one's permanent criminal record. While the consequences for conviction can be harsh, it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance to dispute these drug charges and maintain one's freedom. This is something that two individuals recently charged with drug offenses in separate incidents are likely considering as they each prepare for upcoming court proceedings.

Wisconsin officers find large marijuana trafficking operation

When people talk about transporting illegal drugs across the border, many think of purchasing illegal drugs in Mexico and then bringing them into the states. However, now it is much easier to transport illegal drugs across state borders. Colorado and Washington State have both legalized the sale and purchase of marijuana for non-medical use. These state laws have introduced a new drug trafficking problem in America.

Officers intercept suspicious drug package en route to Brookfield home

Many young adults in Waukesha County are at a critical time in their lives. Excited and overwhelmed with sudden independence, many are forced to make essential decisions about their future. Some young adults are not mentally ready to make these life-changing decisions, and may be led down the wrong path by peer pressure or the need to survive.

Wisconsin man faces multiple criminal charges for growing marijuana

Wisconsin's drug laws are comprehensive and thorough; sometimes causing overlapping criminal charges. For instance, someone who smokes marijuana usually does so using a pipe or a bong. If he gets caught by police, they may charge him both with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two Wisconsin men sentenced for supplying heroin in fatal overdose

We have previously written that drugs such as heroin have found their way into Wisconsin's suburban communities as well as major cities. Once considered too "hard" by many casual users, the supply of heroin coming from cartels in Mexico has become so pure in recent years that it can be ingested in a number of ways that do not involve needle injection.

Facebook post finds witness who can clear wrongfully convicted men

Since its creation, Facebook has been the source of much controversy within the criminal justice system. Historically, Facebook has been a valuable tool for law enforcement to investigate and catch alleged criminals in Wisconsin and around the country.

Wisconsin DOT to alter rules and grant certain offenders jobs

We have previously written about how criminal convictions can keep individuals from gainful employment in certain fields. However, when an individual has committed a low-level offense and served his or her time, it is always a victory when lawmakers recognize that these individuals should be allowed more employment opportunities.

Milwaukee man charged with trafficking 10 kilos of cocaine

We have previously written that prosecutors often try to introduce as many charges as possible when an individual has been accused of drug crimes. For instance, a person who purchased a moderate amount of marijuana for personal use might nevertheless be charged with both possession and intent to distribute.

Milwaukee begins crackdown on synthetic marijuana

Milwaukee is beginning to crack down on manufacturers and sellers of synthetic marijuana. Though few drug charges related to synthetic marijuana have been formally prosecuted in Wisconsin's courts to date, that trend appears to be changing.

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