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Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

When Wisconsin residents hear about drug trafficking, they probably think about huge semi-trucks driven by violent criminals. While this can indeed occur, most drug trafficking cases are on a smaller scale. Drug trafficking is one of the most common forms of drug charges that individuals face.

Officers find nurses distributing drugs at Milwaukee VA Hospital

While so many Americans are being charged with illegal drug distribution, prescription drug distribution is on the rise in Wisconsin and around the nation. This may be due to the growing number of people who are addicted to prescription drugs. Prominent employees in the medical field have access to these prescription drugs, and may be more likely to use this power to sell, distribute or take the medication themselves.

More trouble for Stratford man who recently completed probation

Rebuilding one's life after a felony conviction certainly isn't easy. Yet while one's public persona throughout Waukesha almost certainly took a hit after his or her arrest, that's not to say that he or she will not be afforded the chances to overcome those past mistakes and go on to be very successful in life. Many are often surprised at just how forgiving both the criminal justice system and the general public can be over time. Yet one has to be willing to take advantage of those opportunities to rehab their image. Allegedly returning to criminal activity would almost certainly derail any chances of that happening.

Interagency communication leads to Fort Atkinson drug bust

Whoever coined the phrase “Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive” definitely know what he or she was talking about. Those in Waukesha allegedly trying to hide certain aspects or activities in their lives from family, friends, and/or legal authorities often find that those activities are brought to light through information provided from sources one wouldn’t ever expect. When such activities are criminal, it shouldn’t come as that big of a shock that different law enforcement agencies will communicate with each other. Yet those apprehended this way often seem blissfully ignorant to this possibility.

Tipsters lead police to suspected Jackson County drug house

Many of those arrested in Waukesha for drug possession are often surprised to find out just how many eyes and ears are focused on them and their alleged criminal activity at any particular time. Police have become very adept at accessing information regarding such activity, often offering leniency to those arrested on drug charges in exchange for information on area drug operations. Those accused of possessing and possibly distributing such substances are usually quick to learn that those who supposedly have their backs may just as easily turn their own on them.

New Wisconsin law would help teens charged with nonviolent crimes

Most of the teens in Waukesha are good kids who most would classify as having their heads on straight. But even goods kids get caught up in bad things every now and then. The hope is that if and when this happens, those involved don't make things so bad on themselves as to endanger the bright futures that they have ahead of them. Yet often, authorities are legally bound to treat teens that’ve made a few dumb choices as though they were hardened adults with criminal histories.

Theft investigation helps uncover Commonwealth woman's drug stash

Often, it's in the investigation of one crime in Waukesha that authorities uncover another. Whatever evidence has led them to suspect someone of criminal activity is often only a portion of what the suspect is actually engaged in. Illicit items or evidence of further illegal activity that's brought to light during the course of an investigation may lead to new criminal charges, further compounding one's potential legal troubles.

Wisconsin man arrested for allegedly selling drugs from dorm room

When someone is arrested for drug possession in Waukesha, the arresting officers will usually want to know who his or her supplier is. Often, the charges for the drug dealer can be harsher than those that the drug user will face. Authorities have become adept at finding drug dealers through those to whom they’re supplying drugs to.

Sturgeon Bay nurse admits to stealing meds from nursing home

When considering drug possession charges, most people often think of illegal substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamines. Yet with the increased abuse of the prescription drugs in recent years, arrests involving the possession of narcotic painkillers have also risen drastically. Many of these cases in Waukesha involve health care professionals, including physicians and nurses. These providers will often use their easy access to medications to become unlikely drug addicts or dealers.

Police uncover large marijuana crop being grown in Juneau County

People don’t often understand the potential consequences that they may face following a drug arrest. Aside from the charges for drug possession, the circumstances of the case may allow authorities to bring other charges against them, such as transporting illegal drugs, intent to distribute, and the maintenance of property for the purpose of manufacturing or selling of drugs. If one is charged with manufacturing drugs on his or her property, he or she may also be forced to forfeit that property, compounding any criminal penalties that he or she may already be facing.

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