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What is next for Wisconsin's drunk driving laws? - Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about the ways in which Wisconsin legislators are currently approaching drunk driving penalties in Wisconsin. We mentioned that the structure of DUI penalties in Wisconsin is unique in at least one way.

What is next for Wisconsin's drunk driving laws? - Part I

Wisconsin is famous for a multitude of reasons. The state is home to notable sports teams, has a strong educational system and is known for exports including dairy products and great beer. However, the structure of DUI penalties in Wisconsin is famous for largely critical reasons.

New bills to be introduced in Wisconsin regarding repeat DUIs

The idea that a person may only make a given mistake once is fairly idealistic. In truth, humans tend to make the same mistakes again and again; not necessarily because they are stubborn or foolish, but simply because it may take more than one misstep to learn a lesson. Unfortunately, some mistakes are more costly than others. And in the case of DUI repeat offenders, Wisconsin lawmakers have lost what little patience they still retained.

Federal agency recommends tougher DUI sentencing nationally

Wisconsin has some pretty tough sentencing guidelines for those who are convicted of drunk driving. But a strong recommendation from federal regulators could make Wisconsin's DUI penalties even more stringent than they are now.

Wisconsin legislator wants to toughen DUI laws yet again

Many Waukesha residents will remember that Wisconsin's drunk driving laws have been updated and tightened in recent years. In 2009, for example, the felony threshold was lowered for repeat DUI offenders.

DUI penalties in Wisconsin could increase if federal bill passes

Since July of 2010, Wisconsin state law has called for the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for any driver convicted of a repeat OWI or convicted of their first offense with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.15 percent or higher.

Recreational vehicle drivers targeted in new Wisconsin DUI bill

Many residents in Waukesha and around the state love to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that Wisconsin has to offer. That's one of the reasons why more than 220,000 registered snowmobiles and countless other boats and all-terrain vehicles are registered statewide.

Looking back: where did drunk driving laws originate?

We have previously written about Wisconsin's tough drunk driving laws. And things are only going to get tougher as time goes on. In July of last year, Wisconsin enacted a new law increasing the punishments for DUI repeat offenders and first-time offenders with a BAC at or above 0.15 percent.

Wisconsin police on high alert for underage drinking and driving

Earlier this week, we posted about a Wisconsin teenager who has been charged with four felonies for allegedly killing a man during a drunk-driving car accident. If convicted, the 18-year-old girl could spend up to 37 years in prison.

Super Bowl Weekend Means Extra DUI Enforcement

This is the big weekend. Our beloved Packers are squaring off against the Steelers for the championship on Sunday. While many die-hard fans will be traveling down to Texas to see the game in person, the rest of us will be gathering with friends and family here in Wisconsin to watch the Packers win.

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