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Helpful tips you should not ignore about DUI traffic stops

With the number of motorists on the streets increasing each year, Waukesha area law enforcement officers frequently perform DUI stops to apprehend the growing number of drunk drivers. Many people do not realize when they have one sip of alcohol too many and get in their cars only to end up in police custody. 

If you often go out after work and on the weekends to drink and hang out with friends, you should take every precaution to avoid getting a DUI charge. If you decide to drive after drinking, you risk getting pulled over for a DUI traffic stop. A conviction has a long-lasting impact on your life. Here is some advice for you to keep in mind. 

Follow instructions without struggle and mouthing off 

Cooperate with law enforcement. Do not complicate matters further by trying to talk and argue your way out of the situation. Everything you say and do could become incriminating evidence in your DUI case. Answer identity-related questions, such as your name and age, and politely decline to answer anything else until you have seen your attorney. 

Do not forgo the defense 

DUI charges are beatable in certain circumstances. Do not fool yourself into thinking that all you can do is wait for your day in court to fight for your freedom. There are things you can do before your trial date arrives to help improve the outcome. Start off by writing everything you remember about your DUI traffic stop while it is still fresh on your mind. 

Give your attorney a copy of your written recollection of events. He or she might be able to track down evidence to help prove you wrongfully received the DUI charge or to use in negotiating a plea deal with the prosecutor to reduce your charge to a lesser offense. Your attorney may even call into question the results of your field sobriety test or prove you were not under the influence. 

Drunk driving is dangerous and unlawful. Not everyone who receives DUI charges deserves them. It is always best to be prepared for the unexpected and to know where to turn for DUI defense.

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