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June 2015 Archives

Police charge man who supposedly had child pornography on PC

A 45-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently been charged with child pornography possession. Apparently, authorities identified a specific computer using a peer-to-peer online network that is known for child pornography distribution. With the help of the Internet service provider, authorities determined that the computer was located at an address on Main Street.

Wisconsin teens' murder cases may go to juvenile crimes court

Wisconsin residents have likely heard about the Slender Man criminal case that has been constantly talked about across various media outlets over the last several months. The case is regarding a victim who survived 19 stab wounds. Supposedly, two teenage girls stabbed the female victim. These two girls, both 13 years of age, are facing various charges, which the defense believes should be moved to juvenile crimes court.

Drug charges: Lower fines sought for marijuana possession

Laws on marijuana vary significantly from state to state, and it is not uncommon to hear about states changing their marijuana laws. While current laws in Wisconsin legalize some medicinal marijuana use, possessing and cultivating marijuana is still illegal and so is trafficking. However, there are those who believe the current penalties for drug charges relating to marijuana possession are excessive.

Domestic violence charge follows alleged stabbing of boyfriend

A 31-year-old Wisconsin woman was taken into custody after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend. She was charged with a felony count of domestic violence for causing injuries with a dangerous weapon. Janesville officers reportedly received a call to attend to a domestic incident at about 9:30 p.m., and, upon arrival, they came across a man who had suffered stab wounds. He was taken for medical treatment at a hospital, but the two wounds were in his arm and not life-threatening. He was released after treatment.

2 boys face juvenile crimes charges for alleged drugging, rape

It is alleged that a teenage girl in Wisconsin was drugged and then raped by a group of boys a couple of weeks ago. Authorities say that the girl ran away from her home and was at a local skate park. She was invited home by a few boys, two of whom are now facing charges related to juvenile crimes.

Woman may need DUI defense after being pulled over for speeding

Speeding is one of the most common reasons to be pulled over. However, just because one is pulled over for speeding, it does not mean that he or she cannot leave with something much larger than a ticket for speeding. If police have reason to believe that a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may conduct a field sobriety test or Breathalyzer test. Alternatively, they may take the suspect down to the station for a blood test. This appears to be what happened to a 27-year-old woman from another state who was recently arrested in Wisconsin after what should have been a standard traffic stop for speeding; she now may need to mount a DUI defense.

Multiple drug charges filed against man in Wisconsin

A recent case in Wisconsin involves accusations that a man engaged in criminal activity on several occasions in Dec. 2015. He now faces both weapons possession, illegal sales of weapons and drug charges. Because of the gravity of the charges against him, a conviction could incur severe consequences, including many years in prison.

DUI defense can help those accused avoid serious consequences

Some Wisconsin residents might be unsure what to do if stopped by police under suspicion of drunk driving. Consequences incurred in the aftermath of a drunk driving charge can be quite serious. A strong DUI defense can help motorists accused of intoxicated driving avoid consequences such as revocation of a driver's license.

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