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May 2015 Archives

Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

When Wisconsin residents hear about drug trafficking, they probably think about huge semi-trucks driven by violent criminals. While this can indeed occur, most drug trafficking cases are on a smaller scale. Drug trafficking is one of the most common forms of drug charges that individuals face.

Wisconsin teacher may need to develop hard DUI defense

Teachers are supposed to be role models to their students. For that reason, individuals with this type of profession are under much more scrutiny from the public eye when they are accused of criminal activity. One may face personal and professional struggles from that day forward, but these struggles will only worsen if the person is convicted of the alleged criminal act. This likely holds true for one female teacher here in Wisconsin, who may want to start crafting a DUI defense.

Woman faces child neglect and drug charges in pharmacy theft

If the police reports are correct, a Wisconsin woman recently demonstrated the overwhelming influence that drug addiction can have on the person's behavior. The 30-year-old woman left her 2-year-old child in her car, entered a Kmart store, climbed into the ceiling crawl space and stole drugs from the pharmacy. Because police had already been alerted to her car in the store parking lot, they apprehended the suspect on her way out of store and filed drug charges against her.

Child pornography charges for Wisconsin legislative analyst

Child porn charges can range from simple possession of child porn to the actual creation of child pornography. Regardless of the severity of the alleged crime, the penalties can be harsh and an aggressive defense strategy is often necessary. An analyst for the legislative council here in Wisconsin has recently been accused of child pornography possession and will likely need such a defense as he decides how to move forward. 

Wisconsin driver will need DUI defense after being arrested twice

Police reported a rather peculiar incident recently involving a 25-year-old man who had been pulled over in a traffic stop on a recent Saturday in Wisconsin. Some time later, the police came into contact with the same man. He will now need to prepare a DUI defense, and it is not the first time he has faced intoxicated driving charges, according to his police record.

Those accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin may seek DUI defense

A tragic accident occurred on a recent Thursday in Wisconsin. One person was killed and another has been arrested and accused of causing the accident. The crash happened near New Richmond in the hours just after midnight at approximately 2:30 a.m. The woman who stands accused, like all other residents charged with crimes, is fully entitled to a DUI defense as her case proceeds to navigate the court system.

Sex crimes: Teacher accused of inappropriate contact with student

Considering all the crimes of which people are accused, sex crimes likely carry the biggest social stigma. Even long before any charges are filed, suggestions or suspicions reported in the media can cause the alleged offender to be at a significant disadvantage. A 25-year-old female teacher at a Wisconsin school has been suspended after allegations related to sex crimes were made.

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