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September 2014 Archives

A Wisconsin university under investigation after strange party

Many fraternities are known for their wild drinking parties and taking things to the extreme. However, Wisconsin college students should understand that illegal actions, including underage drinking, drugs and sexual assault, may lead to severe consequences that could affect their lives for a significant period of time.

University students may face suspension for drug crimes on campus

Although one’s college years may seem the perfect time for experimenting with drugs, many young people are unaware that their seemingly harmless actions may affect the rest of their lives. If caught using or distributing drugs on campus, Wisconsin students may face criminal charges and penalties as well as severe repercussions from university administration.

Are all DUI offenders required to use ignition interlock devices?

Not all convicted DUI offenders are required to use ignition interlock devices in the state of Wisconsin. However, a revised law that took effect in July 2010 strengthened the operating while intoxicated laws, and increased the mandatory usage of interlock devices.

How can a juvenile offender have their criminal records sealed?

In the state of Wisconsin, juvenile offenders who meet certain criteria may be eligible to have their criminal case sealed, or expunged from their record. This means that the courts seal all electronic and paper documentation pertaining to your criminal case. Once your case is sealed, you are no longer required to report it on employment, university or housing applications.

Former football player caught in domestic violence uproar

Prominent sports figures in America should be aware that their actions are under constant scrutiny, ultimately reflecting on their reputation and their ability to withstand super stardom. Wisconsin residents, as well as the general public are often quick to overlook the fact that sports stars are also people who have issues and may make mistakes. One bad decision can lead to severe consequences, even for people in the spotlight.

Is eyewitness testimony reliable in a criminal case?

Since 1989, at least 317 people have been exonerated in the U.S. as a result of post-trial DNA evidence, according to the Innocence Project. The majority of these innocent prisoners were wrongfully convicted due to eyewitness misidentifications and false testimonies. While some studies argue that the human memory is to blame for wrongful accounts of a criminal event, others believe that the eyewitness identification process may lead witnesses to name an innocent person as the criminal.

Lack of probable cause leads to dismissed rape case

When it comes to allegations of rape, it is often a case of one person’s word against the other person’s account of what happened. Certain factors, including the reliability of the parties involved and the credibility of the story, may affect the final outcome of the case. Some rape cases may be extremely hard to judge because of the severe emotional trauma involved and the often absent witnesses from the case. Other cases may be easier to solve.

Juveniles who have been charged with drug crimes

A juvenile who is facing charges involving drugs may find dealing with the situation quite overwhelming. Not only can a drug crime conviction make it hard for a teenager to obtain school funding, but it may lead to fines, community service and even jail time. If a car or home is implicated in a felony drug crime of distribution or manufacture, the court may choose to seize that property as well. Under Wisconsin law, parents of convicted drug offenders may be responsible for paying a maximum amount of $10,000 for any damages that were caused by the child. Here at Craig Kuhary, Attorney at Law, we see the impact that a drug charge can have on a juvenile and his or her family.

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