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June 2014 Archives

Woman fatally injures ex-boyfriend in an act of domestic violence

Crimes of passion and domestic violence can occur when strong feelings are involved in a relationship. While the majority of these crimes involve female victims and male perpetrators, there are instances where a female acts out in a criminal way against her significant other. Often times, these situations stem from jealousy, or a feeling of rejection. It is said that many domestic violence crimes involving women as the perpetrators go unreported in Wisconsin. There are some instances where a criminal act of domestic violence cannot go unnoticed.

WI man accepts plea deal in deadly heroin DUI case

Millions of Americans, including many Wisconsin residents, fall under the spell of heroin each year. The drug’s far reaching effects have the power to transform the lives of those who become addicted to it. Although anyone is at risk for falling victim to heroin’s powerful command, teenagers and young adults are especially vulnerable. Multiple studies have shown that key components of a young adult’s brain have not yet fully developed. This may result in poor decision making skills and the inability to foresee the consequences of their behaviors.

Internet fantasies may be responsible for violent Waukesha stabbing

When it comes to sentencing children for heinous criminal acts, Wisconsin may be one of the strictest in the nation. Multiple studies show that the developing teenage brain lacks the ability to form mature, rational decisions in many situations, and may be quick to engage in aggressive behaviors. Yet, Wisconsin law mandates that children 10 years of age and older who are charged with attempted homicide or homicide be tried as an adult.

WI programs give certain criminal offenders a new lease on life

Wisconsin, like many other states in the nation, has a prison system that is at near capacity and may soon be in need of expansion. Hidden amongst this increasing general prison population are those who suffer from chronic mental conditions, as well as first-time heroin offenders who have no prior criminal history. Although criminals who suffer from drug addiction and mental conditions could benefit from treatment and rehabilitation programs, many of them are not given the resources that will allow them to be reintegrated into society.

Wisconsin task force goes undercover to target sexual predators

Although the internet plays an instrumental role in connecting people from around the world, it can also be used by offenders as a dangerous tool to facilitate sex crimes from the security of their homes. The distribution and solicitation of online child pornography has grown throughout the years. Sexual predators pose as younger adults looking to befriend children in an attempt to organize a sexual meeting or to engage in sexual dialogue with the child over the internet. While it may seem safe to engage in ‘personal’ matters from home, Wisconsin law enforcement has a developed strategy to catch online sexual predators.

DUI incident results in loss of life in Wisconsin

In most cases, Americans who work hard to better the lives of others are seen as exceptional citizens in the community. People who have a good education, raise money for charities and volunteer their time in the community meet the qualifications of the ideal image of a good Wisconsin citizen. However, one bad decision can turn the life of an exemplary individual into a criminal in a split second.

Prisoners serving juvenile life sentences have new hope

Although juvenile offenders in Wisconsin should be held responsible for their crimes, many people question the degree of punishment minors should receive. Credible studies confirm that teenagers are not always able to suppress aggressive behavior, make rational decisions, or understand the consequences of their actions. Some believe that rehabilitation and treatment should be favored over intense incarceration for juvenile crimes. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed with this thought when they took away the courts’ ability to sentence juvenile offenders to life-without-parole in 2012.

Domestic violence offenders abuse security intelligence clearance

People in high ranking positions often bring their refined career skills into their personal relationships. For some Wisconsin residents, it may be hard to separate an intense and stressful work environment from their home life. In some situations, advanced skill sets can give an individual an advantage in life. However, these skills are not always used for good purposes.

Waukesha sports coach charged with possession of heroin

Most people are aware of the dangers of taking illegal drugs. However, when people are involved in a stressful situation, they may turn toward drugs as a way to calm their anxiety. Stressful occupations, life situations and other experiences may all be contributing factors in a person’s choice to engage in the risky behavior. This split second decision may result in long term consequences that the user was not anticipating. Such a situation occurred involving a Waukesha man, and ultimately cost him his job and reputation.

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