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March 2014 Archives

Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Life is a roller coaster of high-points and low-points. While some people are able to manage these fluctuations rather seamlessly, others have a more difficult time and tend to act out in criminal ways. Hard times can result in poor decision making abilities for many Wisconsin residents. Along with being persuaded to make choices that they may not have made otherwise, people might put themselves in awkward situations. This can lead to a variety of complications, including sex crimes.

Wisconsin teen faces felony drug charges after outing with friends

Teenagers in Wisconsin and across the nation are at a vulnerable time in their lives. Not only are they learning essential societal rules and norms, but they are constantly trying to earn the respect of their peers. All of this pressure can be particularly hard for teens, as the area of the brain responsible for making rational and responsible decisions is still in the process of forming. When paired with their environment, all of these things can contribute to some teens becoming involved in juvenile crimes.

Officers find nurses distributing drugs at Milwaukee VA Hospital

While so many Americans are being charged with illegal drug distribution, prescription drug distribution is on the rise in Wisconsin and around the nation. This may be due to the growing number of people who are addicted to prescription drugs. Prominent employees in the medical field have access to these prescription drugs, and may be more likely to use this power to sell, distribute or take the medication themselves.

Wisconsin woman knocked unconscious: Man faces violence charges

Those charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin may be looking at some harsh consequences. A domestic violence conviction may come with a restraining order, fees and potential jail-time. There are long-term effects from having a domestic charge on a criminal record. Not only is it hard to find employment in certain industries, but domestic violence offenders may be prohibited from carrying concealed weapons or obtaining professional licenses.

19-year-old Milwaukee man faces child pornography charges

Teenagers are made up of a unique blend consisting of genetics and environment. Wisconsin teens who were abused as children, or who may not have developed in normal ways mentally, may even hurt others around them or behave in ways that violate the law. While some adopt the attitude of simply locking the teen up in a juvenile facility, it is important to remember that some teens may not realize that what they were doing was wrong. These teens may have conditions that have gone unnoticed and untreated. However with proper medical attention, teens may be able to go on and lead productive lives.

WI Domestic offender restricted from concealing weapon

Those who are charged with domestic violence may face the repercussions of their crime for many years following the conviction, not only in Wisconsin but nationwide. Although the offender may have received counseling or some other form of rehabilitation, certain rights may be restricted by state and federal officials. Often times, domestic violence offenders do not think of the effects that their actions will have on others or how they will impact their own life.

First time DUI offenders in Wisconsin must appear in court

Wisconsin motorists who have been charged with a DUI for the first time may have been caught off-guard. Some drivers may not be fully aware that they are driving while intoxicated. State law constitutes anyone who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or above as legally intoxicated. Depending on body weight and tolerance, however, some drinkers may be able to reach that blood alcohol content and still feel it within their ability to drive.

Young boy sentenced in Prophetstown arson

Although children in Waukesha are often curious to find out how and why things work, playing with fire may result in disaster. Many young adolescents act quickly without realizing that there are consequences to their actions. Peer pressure can also be a factor when children commit destructive acts and juvenile crimes.

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