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February 2014 Archives

Proposed WI bill mandates ignition devices for all DUI offenders

Many Waukesha residents enjoy having a few glasses of wine or beer when dining at a nice restaurant. Those who do so, however, must be careful about whether they choose to drive afterward. While many feel competent to drive after having a few drinks, they may be facing serious consequences if they are pulled over and charged with drunk driving, especially if it is not their first offense.

Wisconsin pharmacist strikes a deal in prescription drug theft

While many Americans have addictions to prescription pain-killers, some may have easy access to these pills through their line of work. People who are able to obtain prescription medications without a prescription must realize that there are penalties associated when they are arrested and convicted of the intent to sell drugs.

Felony battery charge filed against Kenosha teen

Many teenagers are known for having impulsive reactions, which may lead them to behave in a way that has a significant impact on others. They may even perform juvenile crimes without thinking about the consequences associated with their behavior. This is especially true when they feel threatened or angry. Wisconsin teens are no different.

Wife alleges man acted irrationally, threatened her with gun

Many in Waukesha choose to exercise their rights to own a gun. Yet gun ownership also carries with it responsibility. Any alleged misuse of a firearm can result in serious consequences, which could easily include one losing the right to own another gun. In situations where tensions run high, such as during a domestic dispute, one may be tempted to pull out his or her gun. Yet even if the intent is only to threaten, the result of such a decision is almost guaranteed to be bad.

Man admits to having inappropriate encounters with a young girl

The penalties surrounding sex crimes can be far more extensive than one realizes. If convicted, one could potentially receive an extended prison sentence, as well as hefty fines. Aside from that possibility, he or she may also be required to register as a sex offender. It’s that dubious distinction that can be the hardest thing for one to live with. It can destroy one’s good reputation in and around Waukesha, threatening any chances he or she may have of successfully moving on with life. While such a stigma may be unfair, it’s a reality that many are forced to deal with.

More trouble for Stratford man who recently completed probation

Rebuilding one's life after a felony conviction certainly isn't easy. Yet while one's public persona throughout Waukesha almost certainly took a hit after his or her arrest, that's not to say that he or she will not be afforded the chances to overcome those past mistakes and go on to be very successful in life. Many are often surprised at just how forgiving both the criminal justice system and the general public can be over time. Yet one has to be willing to take advantage of those opportunities to rehab their image. Allegedly returning to criminal activity would almost certainly derail any chances of that happening.

Baraboo incident not the first legal run-in for former mayor

Many in Waukesha may aspire to a life in public service. Such work can be very rewarding, allowing one the chance to effect real change in his or her community. Yet those wanting to work for the people are also often required to live their lives in front of them, as nearly every decision they make is often scrutinized and every step they take is followed. If and when someone in public service does allegedly slip up, such as having a run-in with the law, all of the trust and goodwill that he or she may have built up with his or her constituency can be quickly wiped out.

Monona man busted for both drug and child pornography possession

The issue of growing marijuana in Waukesha for medicinal purposes is a complicated one. While some may believe that has become the excuse that potential dealers fall back on when caught growing their own marijuana crops, there are many who are attempting to grow it simply for the health benefits that it supposedly provides. If and when one is caught cultivating a crop, it can often be difficult for authorities to discern what their true motives are. Yet if one happens to also be in possession of other illicit material, it should come as no surprise that his or her claims are met with skepticism.

Marinette domestic violence advocate's killer gets life sentence

Many in Waukesha who are currently in relationships may feel as though they are immune to the issues that lead to domestic violence. When this sort of abuse happens, common reactions from others are shock and dismay due to the fact that both the abused and the abuser would be among the last people that they would ever think that this could happen to. Yet as is often the case in a relationship, the line between love and hate is razor thin, and a simple push in the wrong direction can have tragic consequences.

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