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January 2014 Archives

OWI charges against Wisconsin Dells police officer dropped

To be accused of and arrested for OWI in Waukesha is no laughing matter. These are serious criminal charges that carry with them equally serious penalties. Yet it should also be remembered that an arrest should not be viewed that same as a conviction, and that the accused will have every chance to explain himself or herself in court. While many may roll their eyes at the thought of one arguing his or her way out of a possible OWI conviction, the courts cannot simply dismiss the possibility that the defendant may have another explanation for his or her apparent impairment.

Interagency communication leads to Fort Atkinson drug bust

Whoever coined the phrase “Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive” definitely know what he or she was talking about. Those in Waukesha allegedly trying to hide certain aspects or activities in their lives from family, friends, and/or legal authorities often find that those activities are brought to light through information provided from sources one wouldn’t ever expect. When such activities are criminal, it shouldn’t come as that big of a shock that different law enforcement agencies will communicate with each other. Yet those apprehended this way often seem blissfully ignorant to this possibility.

Wisconsin teens' crime spree ends with arrests in New Mexico

Many often claim that a little bit of rebellion is to be expected from Waukesha teens. They're at a time in their lives when they feel as though they are becoming adults, and many feel as though societal practices are aimed at treating them as though they are still kids. While a teen can be forgiven for going a little wild once in a while, it's when that juvenile delinquency turns criminal that family and friends needs to be concerned. Once that happens, these kids not only face losing out on many of the teenage experiences still awaiting them, but they also jeopardize their chances at enjoying those adult freedoms that they so long for.

Appellate court upholds Wausau man's murder conviction

One may think cases of domestic violence in Waukehsa are typically cut-and-dry. The prevailing thought often is that one can see the evidence of abuse across the face of the victim. In reality, domestic violence cases can be difficult to deal with because of the unique relationship between the alleged abuser and the abused. Emotions usually run deep both ways in such relationships, with love turning to hate almost at the drop of a hat. Many times, but parties may actually feel as though they are the victims of abuse. As such, it often takes an expert in such relationships and behavior to accurately determine if abuse occurred.

Tipsters lead police to suspected Jackson County drug house

Many of those arrested in Waukesha for drug possession are often surprised to find out just how many eyes and ears are focused on them and their alleged criminal activity at any particular time. Police have become very adept at accessing information regarding such activity, often offering leniency to those arrested on drug charges in exchange for information on area drug operations. Those accused of possessing and possibly distributing such substances are usually quick to learn that those who supposedly have their backs may just as easily turn their own on them.

Madison woman allegedly keeps drinking during her OWI arrest

There's an old saying that goes "One can never get enough of a good thing." Such a statement implies that one certainly can get enough of a bad thing, yet sadly, some people in Waukesha don't often seem to fully grasp this concept. When it comes to an OWI arrest, one may garner understanding, perhaps even empathy for allegedly making such a mistake once. Yet if he or she is charged with a repeat OWI offense, that empathy can soon disappear. Couple that with displaying irresponsible or even defiant behavior to authorities, and one's actions may warrant some serious criminal penalties.

Ashland teen accused of killing father, trying to kill mother

When most in Waukesha think of juvenile crimes, they may only think of instances of curfew violation or being caught with drugs or alcohol. It's often difficult to think of teens being capable of the more adult crimes of assault or murder. When teens are suspected of such things, the manner in which the criminal justice system handles their cases is often viewed with a great deal of scrutiny. Typically, the circumstances of their crimes are brought into consideration when determining whether or not the suspects should be tried as juveniles or adults.

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