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December 2013 Archives

Man arrested for domestic abuse despite mom not pressing charges

Oftentimes, incidents of family or domestic violence and abuse will go untried or even unreported in Waukesha because the victims of such abuse still feel such a strong bond with their abusers that they refuse to press charges against them. The prevailing thought is often that such matters are best left to be worked out between the parties involved as opposed to initiating legal action that could permanently damage the relationship. However, in some cases, authorities may believe that they have sufficient evidence to arrest one on such charges even without the supposed victim filing for them.

Four school officials charged in connection to gang rape cases

Many sex crimes in Waukesha such as molestation or rape often go unreported because of the actions or inactions of others who may have either been involved in talking alleged victims out of pressing charges or simply turning a blind eye to events that they knew to be happening. The motives for such reactions are various, but sadly, the result is often the same: victims can feel as though they are alone in their struggles and that pressing the issue with authorities may open them up to ridicule and harm. Yet the price that those who choose not to assist these victims must pay can high if they're exposed for what they did or didn't do in relation to these alleged crimes.

Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Dealing with the consequences of an OWI arrest in Waukesha can difficult enough on one's own; when one's job and/or community standing is such that an impropriety like this is newsworthy, that extra exposure placed on one's predicament can be especially difficult to cope with. Yet one typically can't control the spread of news, and in such a situation, one's concerns should instead center on the potential criminal penalties that he or she could be facing.

Police drug raid of Superior home results in multiple arrests

Those in Waukesha choosing to use illegal substances never know when their habit will land them in hot water. Many may view drug use as a victimless crime, with the user only harming him of herself. Yet like it or not, simply possessing drug paraphernalia is often enough to warrant a criminal charge. One may think that as long as they engage in such use behind closed doors, authorities will never be the wiser. Yet he or she never knows when they'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have his or her activities exposed.

Teen suspect shot during Racine grocery store robbery

While the teens in Waukesha are, for the most part, good, intelligent kids, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still easily impressionable or immune to peer pressure. This is often especially true in their associations with older college-age or adult friends. Teens will sometimes put misplaced trust in those older friends’ judgment, thinking that adult experience makes their suggestions and advice more sound. Sadly, too many teens allow this thinking to lead them to follow their older friends in making some really poor choices, often resulting in criminal consequences.

Police raid leads to Monona man's arrest for child sexual assault

Those who are arrested for sex crimes in Waukesha such as child molestation often fail to realize how quickly the criminal charges against them can accumulate if and when their actions are uncovered by authorities. There's the charge related to the act itself, which, if deemed serious enough, could escalate to a sexual assault charge. Also in such cases, police will seize computers and other electronic media devices, if on which illicit material is discovered could led to a further charge of possession of child pornography. Then there's potential charges related to enticing the children themselves. What may have been initially viewed as a single random act of poor judgment may soon be portrayed as a multi-dimensional criminal operation.

Waukesha woman arrested after driving wrong way on freeway

It's not uncommon or even discouraged for people to enjoy a night out at one of Waukesha's bars or clubs, and to top that night off with a couple drinks. Yet with that privilege comes the responsibility to not then endanger others by getting behind the wheel of a car and attempting to drive home. The cost of a cab ride, or the momentary embarrassment of having to call a friend or family member to come pick one up is a small price to pay when considering the alternative.

Prior drug conviction could get Milwaukee man deported

The fallout from a drug arrest in Waukesha can be difficult to deal with, and often continues long after one has paid any criminal penalty that he or she was subjected to. Not only is the perpetrator affected, but so are his or her family and friends. Rebuilding and repairing one's personal and family image may take years. And yet sometimes, even after investing all of the hard work required to move past such an event, the consequences of one's arrest can once again rear its ugly head.

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