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November 2013 Archives

New Wisconsin law would help teens charged with nonviolent crimes

Most of the teens in Waukesha are good kids who most would classify as having their heads on straight. But even goods kids get caught up in bad things every now and then. The hope is that if and when this happens, those involved don't make things so bad on themselves as to endanger the bright futures that they have ahead of them. Yet often, authorities are legally bound to treat teens that’ve made a few dumb choices as though they were hardened adults with criminal histories.

Milwaukee man arrested for after burning woman with bleach

When hearing the details of many of the domestic violence incidents that happen in Waukesha, one has to think that whoever spoke the words "There's a thin line between love and hate" seems downright prophetic. It's often shocking how quickly a simple disagreement between a couple can escalate into a full-blown assault. Yet with all of the emotion that a couple invests in a relationship, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising to see that emotion go from positive to negative so quickly.

Crandon woman charged in connection to son's sexual assault case

While most won't hesitate to report a crime in Waukesha, many find it difficult to either intervene to stop a criminal act or to act on their suspicions of one's behavior or conduct. Whether it's the fear of retaliation from the perpetrator or just a basic desire to not become involved in another's business, the failure to act by one may not only enable the criminal actions of another, but also compound the suffering of those victims being affected by such actions. When this happens, authorities may often consider the complicit party to be just as culpable as the perpetrator.

Theft investigation helps uncover Commonwealth woman's drug stash

Often, it's in the investigation of one crime in Waukesha that authorities uncover another. Whatever evidence has led them to suspect someone of criminal activity is often only a portion of what the suspect is actually engaged in. Illicit items or evidence of further illegal activity that's brought to light during the course of an investigation may lead to new criminal charges, further compounding one's potential legal troubles.

High school student arrested for bringing replica gun to school

No one in Waukesha is immune to poor choices, least of all teenagers. Often it's a lack of perspective about the long-term ramifications of a decision that influences a youngster to do something that, with the benefit of hindsight, he or she later comes to regret. Unfortunately, one can't often choose the consequences that come with his or her choices. While he or she may believe that whatever they chose to do was no big deal, authorities often disagree, and are sometimes bound by law to mete out punishments that many may view as harsh or severe.

1000th repeat offender arrested under Wisconsin's new DUI laws

A one-time offense for driving while intoxicated isn't something that people in Waukesha necessarily can't overcome. With the proper help from different support networks and a favorable outcome from the court regarding their case, they may yet be able to put such an incident behind them. Yet when people enter the realm of repeat offenders, the chances of receiving any leniency from authorities are vastly diminished. Many states, including Wisconsin, have actually enacted mandatory statutes that require harsher penalties for those whose poor choices have landed them in the DUI repeat offender category.

Oak Creek woman facing 100 years in prison for child molestation

Many in Waukesha may be unaware of the potential severity of the penalties associated with child molestation. Authorities take such cases very seriously considering the lasting impact that the crimes may have on the children involved. While those accused of these crimes may think that they were simply horsing around and merely lost their heads in a moment of self-indulgence, the criminal justice system often doesn't share the same opinion. Ultimately, a conviction for child molestation has the potential of keeping someone locked away in prison for years, if not decades.

Marshfield man freed after pleading no contest to felony murder

Many people currently in relationships in Waukesha may feel as though domestic violence is something that they'll never have to personally deal with. While that hopefully remains true, those same people may be surprised at how quickly tempers can flare up during an argument and how easily self-control can be lost and violence and criminal charges can come as a result. Sadly, sometimes it only takes one blow to yield tragic results.

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