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October 2013 Archives

Police arrest Appleton school bus driver for suspicion of OWI

While everyone in Waukesha is entitled to a nice relaxing drink every now and then, it goes without saying that one shouldn't drink while at work. Unless one's employer has invited him or her to do so, drinking while working may be viewed as being irresponsible or careless. It certainly can be viewed as so if one is drinking while at work and his or her job involves driving. Now, he or she has not only caused an embarrassment for his or her employer, but he or she is now also subject to potential criminal penalties.

Milwaukee drug bust uncovers drug trafficking ring at McDonald's

When people in Milwaukee hear of coordinated police drug busts, they most likely envision this happening at some seedy run-down location in an inner city or other similar scenarios. Yet those same people would probably be surprised to find out just where drugs are being sold around them, and who's selling them. With the increased availability of illicit substances these days and the anonymity people think that certain jobs or communities provide, some who normally wouldn't be thought of as drug dealers are beginning to seek opportunities to supplement their incomes through legally questionable practices.

Man arrested for threatening members of his family while drunk

Most in Waukesha would associate domestic violence with couples. Yet domestic violence charges may be filed whenever anyone is accused of assaulting someone that they live with. And just as it often is with abuse occurring between couples, abuse that’s happening between families often goes unreported as people don’t want to see their family members humiliated and punished. Unfortunately, abuse that’s allowed to continue without serious consequence can often escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.

Milwaukee high school student arrested for alleged bomb threat

Experience is often the best teacher in life, and unfortunately, it's that lack of it which can lead teens in Waukesha to lapses in judgment that can often land them in serious trouble. They often fail to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions, and as such, are more apt to engage in activity that, which they might view as being a simple prank, can actually lead to some major consequences, including possible probation or even incarceration. Authorities usually understand this, yet they still cannot ignore criminal actions, especially if they include threats to the safety of others.

Wisconsin man arrested for allegedly selling drugs from dorm room

When someone is arrested for drug possession in Waukesha, the arresting officers will usually want to know who his or her supplier is. Often, the charges for the drug dealer can be harsher than those that the drug user will face. Authorities have become adept at finding drug dealers through those to whom they’re supplying drugs to.

Milwaukee women arrested for prostituting a 14-year old runaway

Many in Waukesha may think that crimes such as prostitution or sex trafficking only occur in large metropolitan cities, yet many perpetrators of these crimes prey on small towns because of the relative anonymity that they allow and the inexperience of local law enforcement in dealing with such cases. Plus, the proliferation of the Internet has now allowed people to arrange illicit rendezvous online with partners from other areas. Such factors have helped to contribute to a recent rise in the number of cases surfacing involving intrastate and interstate prostitution rings that are more and more bringing the world’s oldest profession to rural America.

Judge sentences Plainfield man to five years for 10th OWI arrest

One OWI charge and conviction in Waukesha is serious enough; once one starts entering the realm of multiple drunk driving arrests, he or she starts looking at much harsher penalties. The hope is that the penalties associated with a conviction are enough to deter anyone from even thinking of making such a mistake again. However, if it appears as though one’s actions are showing that they either don’t understand the gravity of he or she is doing, or, worse yet, he or she is simply indifferent to those penalties, then the court may be left with little choice but to hand out sentences aimed at being more punitive than rehabilitative.

Court strips Mount Pleasant teen of his right to play video games

Teens can typically be very impressionable. Often that’s due to them not having to worry about the normal consequences of being adult, which may cause them to assign more meaning to simple, mundane activities and tasks than they probably should. Such things might seem trivial to an adult, but the amount of emotion that teens invest in them often cause them to overreact or lose their composure, possibly leading them to do things that they normally wouldn’t and, ultimately, come to regret.

Wisconsin domestic violence suspects will lose guns with new law

Those accused of domestic violence in Waukesha are often already asked to walk a fine line with the court while their case is being processed. They are usually served with a restraining order by the victim and may be required by the court to undergo treatment for anger and aggression. Yet beyond that, they still are allowed to go about their lives with a majority of their rights unaffected.

5-year old Racine girl repeatedly molested by teen babysitter

One of the things that’s often overlooked when sex crimes are committed in Waukesha is the terrible affect they can have on the victims. This is especially true with children, who are exposed to levels of intimate relations that their innocent minds may not yet be ready for. As such, victims of child molestation may have issues trusting people, be confused about their sexual identity, and have difficulty establishing healthy relationships later on in life. Sadly, there’s little that the perpetrators of these crimes can do to compensate for the innocence that they stole from their victims.

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