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August 2013 Archives

Prison time for teacher accused of having sex with student

High school is often thought of as a time for hanging with friends, making decisions about the future and getting an education that prepares a person for the real world. Unfortunately, it may also be a time when young men and young women are susceptible to new sexual feelings and urges that are difficult to control. Teachers and their position of authority may present a unique temptation to a young teenager who is feeling these feelings, and a sexual interaction between a teacher and a student may fall under the heading of sex crimes.

Wisconsin lawmakers pushing for tougher OWI penalties

Each state has different laws mandating the severity or strictness of the punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol. What starts out as a fun night with friends in Wisconsin may turn into a serious felony charge, fine or even jail time. Alcohol may impair the ability of a person to make wise decisions, and a person may be charged for drunk driving if their blood alcohol content is higher than the legal limit. As more people are injured or killed in incidents where drivers are impaired in some way from drugs or alcohol, stricter penalties may be enforced by law enforcement officials.

Former Wisconsin parole officer gets harsh sentence for drugs

Drug abuse and addiction is prevalent everywhere in the Wisconsin and the United States, and even those who proclaim to uphold the law are sometimes violators of it. Although the illegal possession of prescription drugs may be a charge that seems to relate only to major criminals, there is the possibility that any citizen can become victim to the slavery of drug addiction. A few bad decisions may require a harsh penalty, but it is not always the case that the person should be prohibited from having a future once they are rehabilitated.

Wisconsin wife gunned down by husband who faces life in prison

With members of the United States military involved in several conflicts overseas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a hot topic of conversation in many criminal trials in Wisconsin and throughout the country. PTSD may cause a person to do things they wouldn’t normally do, and may incapacitate the person mentally and emotionally. Although it may be difficult at times to measure the effects of war on a person’s mental health, it may be necessary to consider the seriousness of PTSD when a seemingly harmless person commits a crime of domestic violence.

Blaming parents for juvenile crimes common in some areas

In an effort to lower juvenile crime rates and keep violent criminals off the streets in Wisconsin, lawmakers and advocates may try many different tactics to ensure that consequences lie with the person most likely to fix the behavior. Juvenile crimes such as drug possession and simple battery may be a sign that the person has a future of run-ins with the law if the right consequences are not enforced. Regardless of the intention behind the policy or law, it may be important that law enforcement officials focus their efforts to punish criminals on the right person.

Repeated sexual assaults send Wisconsin man to prison

Going camping with friends is one of the favorite pastimes of many Wisconsin residents. For teenagers and young adults, it’s a chance to relax and enjoy the freedom of being out in the open and sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, when alcohol is involved, people may do things they wouldn’t normally do, and others may take advantage of someone that isn’t sober. One Wisconsin man recently learned the hard way that he would still be held accountable for actions he committed on others who were under the influence of alcohol.

Ford denies responsibility in arrest of student crossing border

Drugs are often smuggled into the United States from other countries with more relaxed drug laws where they are grown. In order to avoid suspicion, drug makers and distributers may go to extreme lengths to get the substance across the border. Narcotics trafficking is a serious offense in Wisconsin and throughout the rest of the country. If a person unknowingly transfers drugs across the border, they may have a hard time proving that they were not aware that the drugs were in their car.

Prison sentence for Wisconsin man convicted in OWI crash

It’s a well-known fact that drugs and alcohol can affect the ability of a person to operate a vehicle. When a group of friends starts out an evening partying and having a good time, they aren’t likely to see the night ending in tragedy. Unfortunately, drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs may lead to exactly that. If the driver is lucky, they may escape with only a warning or an OWI ticket in Wisconsin, but in more serious cases the consequences are much more severe.

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