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July 2013 Archives

New focus leads to lower numbers of incarcerated juveniles

For many people in Wisconsin and throughout the country, the teenage years are a time to relax and be a little wild. Teenage decisions may not always lead to tragedy, but in many cases, bad decisions may ruin the lives of several teenagers who never intended to do harm. Punishment for juvenile crimes has been a highly debated topic throughout the country, and many are concerned with the approach lawmakers take to these offenders. Laws have run a wide range over the last few decades, and supporters of juvenile offenders may be encouraged by recent statistics.

Wisconsin youth claims sexual assault by scout leader

For many young Wisconsin boys, summertime brings thoughts of campfires and pocketknives, and the opportunity to learn more about nature with the help of the Boy Scout program. As these young boys visit scout camps and participate in scouting activities, they are often directed and cared for by an adult that has been given a position of leadership within the council. Claims of sexual assault or abuse are taken very seriously by both the law and the scouting council, and leaders may be placed on temporary leave while the situation is investigated.

Wisconsin man claims mental illness contributed to his crimes

When two people enter into a commitment of marriage and bring children into the world, it may be difficult to see how the situation might ever become angry or violent. Few married couples start their marriage with plans to divorce or hurt each other, but the reality is often different than the fantasy, and close to 50% of couples end up filing for divorce. Domestic violence continues to be a common problem in Wisconsin and throughout the world, and some spouses are coming up with more creative and particularly vicious ways to hurt the one they feel has wronged them.

ATF methods for stopping violent crime under criticism by some

Drugs are trafficked into the US and Wisconsin from several countries, and through several different routes. It may often be difficult for law enforcement officials to interrupt the manufacturing or distribution of drugs before they hit the streets and are sold to drug users. The use of drugs may also lead to more serious and more violent crimes, particularly in inner city areas. In an attempt to stop the problem before it starts, some law enforcement agencies have created unique ways to trap people who they feel are dangerous criminals.

OWI conviction overturned on grounds of unlawful tip

Wisconsin has strict laws in place to keep drivers safe on the road and to discourage any person who has been drinking alcohol to get behind the wheel of a car. Even with help from the public, it may be impossible for law enforcement officials to find every drunk driver on the road and perform the appropriate tests to have them charged with OWI. Citizens are allowed to call in a tip to police to inform them when they believe a person is driving drunk, but there may be a fine line between the constitutional rights of the driver and the information from the tip.

Teen faces possible prison time for video game comment

When playing and joking around with friends, many Wisconsin teens may make sarcastic comments or jokes that they feel have no bearing on their true feelings. Once a joke or comment is documented on the Internet, a teen may not understand the seriousness of the implications and the possible consequence they may face for a seemingly innocent comment. Juvenile crimes may often be a matter of a teenager not understanding what may happen in the future, and sentencing guidelines often reflect the belief of the legal system that certain teens may be rehabilitated.

Proposed domestic violence bill may pose unique conflicts

In an ideal world, people who love each other would never become angry enough to become violent with each other. In reality, domestic violence is a problem throughout the country, and advocates in Wisconsin are constantly looking for ways to better protect those who are caught in these violent situations. In voting for new legislation regarding family violence, lawmakers may walk a fine line between the protection and the violation of the rights of both parties. Each new piece of legislation may need to be approached from both sides of the issue in order to protect the rights of all involved.

Wisconsin residents charged in federal drug bust

The federal government has an agency in place to fight the spread of drugs throughout the country and stop drug related crime, and this agency will often get involved with local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to better coordinate efforts to shut down major drug suppliers. If a person is watched and observed to have obtained a large amount of an illegal drug, they may be charged with crimes related to the distribution of drugs. If it is believed that the person had the intent to sell drugs, they may face more serious charges.

Wisconsin high school basketball coach faces accuser in court

When a teenager participates in an extracurricular school activity in Wisconsin, they may spend quite a bit of time with their coach or advisor. During this time, a relationship may develop that means something different to each person. When the teacher is a man and the student is female, there are times where the situation turns romantic and may even involve some type of physical affection. When charges of sexual assault are made, it’s important to focus on the evidence, and not on the emotion with which either party tells the story.

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