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June 2013 Archives

Play fight leads to death of girl in care of juvenile brother

Juveniles are often influenced by the things they see on TV and in their homes, and may be unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Children in Wisconsin who are under a certain age may not have the reasoning ability to determine when they should follow the example of an older role model, and when they should make different decisions. Because of the unique circumstances regarding juvenile crimes, these cases may be handled delicately and more carefully by law enforcement officials and prosecutors.

Homicide charges for Wisconsin man after automobile accident

Alcohol and drugs can impair the ability of the user to the point where bad decisions are made, and reflexes are slowed down because of the chemicals that are in the blood. Because of the effects that these substances can have on a person, it is illegal to operate a car in Wisconsin once the person has reached a certain level of alcohol within their bloodstream. Any person who chooses to drive after drinking too much alcohol may be charged with drunk driving. In more tragic situations, the bad choice of driving while intoxicated may lead to the death of another person.

Wisconsin man faces hard prison time for sexual assault

Women who are assaulted sexually may be too intimidated and embarrassed to report the incident to police, and offenders may go free. There are also cases of sexual assault in Wisconsin where the woman is not even aware that she has been assaulted, and must be given proof after a night she doesn't remember. In some situations, alcohol or drugs may be used to make a woman more compliant, and because of the effects of these substances, she may not remember what happened in the morning.

Better reporting at heart of Wisconsin domestic abuse bill

Domestic violence is a serious problem that has far-reaching effects on society. Violence against spouses and children may create fear and mistrust in the hearts of people who grow up to repeat the cycle of abuse. Domestic violence advocates in Wisconsin fear that the problem is growing, and that many feel they can't report violent incidents because of fear of future retribution. A new bill being considered by state lawmakers may help to change that.

Unlikely culprit arrested by DEA for growing marijuana

When a person is arrested and faces drug charges in Wisconsin, they may be charged differently based on whether or not they were growing the drugs, selling the drugs, or planned to distribute the drugs to drug dealers. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs may have even more serious charges, especially if another person is injured or killed during an accident. If a person is caught growing drugs, the may be charged by federal agencies, no matter what they appear to be.

Alcohol a factor in Wisconsin auto-pedestrian accident

When an auto-pedestrian accident occurs in Wisconsin, it is typically the pedestrian who suffers the most severe injuries, because they do not have the protection of a vehicle. If the accident was the result of drunk driving, law enforcement officials will perform tests on the driver to gain the evidence they need to arrest and charge the driver for causing the accident. If the accident goes unreported, it may be difficult to prove the driver was under the influence while driving.

Teenager accused of murdering two adopted brothers

When a juvenile is charged in a crime, there may be extra steps taken to protect the accused and their family members, if they are legally considered a minor by the state in which the crime occurs. In cases of juvenile crimes, prosecutors in Wisconsin may choose to make an argument for trying the juvenile as an adult if they feel the person was old enough to know what he or she was doing, and what the consequences of his or her actions would be. Adult sentencing guidelines may be stricter than those for juveniles, and many minor may prefer being tried as a juvenile because of this.

Husband and wife injured after violent incident in home

Incidents of domestic violence in Wisconsin are often situations in which emotion levels are high, and physical danger may be prevalent when an argument begins. Spousal abuse occurs when an argument between a husband and wife leads to injuries caused by one to the other. If law enforcement officials are called in these situations, they may first be concerned with securing the safety of all involved, and will complete an investigation later to get the entire story of what happened, in order to determine who should be charged with a crime.

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