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May 2013 Archives

Wisconsin man chooses plea deal in child pornography case

Many states, including Wisconsin, have strict laws in place regarding the use of child pornography. A person may face a lengthy criminal trial if they are found in possession of child pornography. When there is a large amount of evidence against a person for the crime with which they are charged, they may choose to strike a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty to one or more of the charges in order to have others dropped. In these situations, the person may feel they stand a better chance with prosecutors than with a jury.

Routine search turns up illegal drugs in Wisconsin tavern

When it is discovered that a person has illegal drugs in his or her possession in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials may then conduct a more thorough search to determine if any other illegal substances are on the premises. Drug possession and distribution of drugs charges may carry serious penalties for those who are arrested and charged. The seriousness of the charges may also vary based on the total amount of drugs that were in the possession of the person charged.

Wisconsin lawmakers expected to vote on tougher OWI law

When driving a car, it is necessary for a person to be completely focused on their driving in order to ensure the safety of those on the road. When someone is driving while under the influence of alcohol in Wisconsin, they may be pulled over and charged with drunk driving. Once the person has been arrested, they may be charged and sentenced, or they may be allowed another chance, depending on several factors in the situation. A new law that was recently proposed may make it more difficult to obtain a fourth or fifth chance.

Supreme Court ruling offers new hope of appeal for some convicts

The state of Wisconsin has laws in place that protect the privacy and safety of juveniles when they commit a crime, or are accused of committing a crime. Because juvenile crimes are often committed before the person is old enough or mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions, there are often limits on how severe the sentence of the juvenile can be. Some juveniles are only children or teenagers when they commit crimes that are serious enough to have them sentenced to life in prison.

Parking lot argument leads to assault conviction

When two people are in a relationship in Wisconsin and one seeks to end that relationship, the conversation may get emotional and intense very quickly. If a person does not have the ability to control their emotions in intense situations, acts of domestic violence may occur during the confrontation. Rather than having an intelligent discussion like two adults and ending the relationship, the two parties involved may quickly start yelling, screaming, and hitting each other.

Federal conviction for man involved with underage Wisconsin girl

When two people meet online and pursue a relationship, it is often the natural course of action that they will meet in person, and possibly have a sexual relationship. If one of the people is under the legal age to give consent in Wisconsin, it may not matter what the intention of the adult was, and he or she may be charged with statutory rape. The situation becomes even more complicated if the two people cross state lines during the period of time they are involved in order to have a physical relationship, and federal charges may be filed at this point.

Wisconsin man invokes new law after OWI arrest

When a person is pulled over for driving drunk in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials have certain tests and methods that are used to determine if the individual truly is driving under the influence or if there is some other problem. In most OWI cases, a blood sample will be taken from the person, and then tested to determine if the level of alcohol within the blood is enough to justify an arrest, or if the person was within the lines of the law while driving.

Wisconsin corrections officer faces prison time for drug charges

When a person is found in possession of illegal drugs, the situation can quickly become serious, and the person may face hefty fines and even prison time if the charges are serious enough. If drug paraphernalia is obvious to law enforcement officials in Wisconsin in a simple traffic stop, they may choose to search the car of the person to find out if more drugs are inside the vehicle, and if the person had the intent to sell the drugs or use them.  Drug offenses have serious consequences, and may negatively impact the person’s future and their ability to find a job.

Police hope to locate Wisconsin man involved in fatal incident

Situations involving domestic violence are often highly emotionally charged, and the individuals involved do not always use the best judgment when making quick decisions. In the most tragic of cases, the incident may turn deadly. It is not necessary for a man and a woman to be married to be involved in domestic violence. Even those who are just dating or living together in Wisconsin may end up in violent situations if one or both parties don't have the necessary skills to deal with strong emotions that are often negative.

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